Baking / Dewaxing Autoclaves and Sterilizers

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Polyimide Curing Oven -- PCO2-14
from Despatch - ITW EAE

PCO2-14 ™ Polyimide Curing Oven. A clean process oven designed for polyimide baking and curing applications. The Despatch PCO2-14 ™ electrically heated oven was designed to meet the specific process requirements for hard baking polyimide coatings in an inert atmosphere. This... [See More]

  • Application: Baking; Curing; Industrial; Laboratory
  • Capacity: 14.0
  • Temperature Range: 95 to 662
  • External: Bench / Cabinet; Front Load (incl. Walk-in, Truck-in)
Truck In / Walk In Oven -- TAD 2-52
from Despatch - ITW EAE

TA and TF Walk-In Ovens and Truck-In Ovens. The TA and TF Walk-In Ovens and Truck-In Ovens are designed for industrial process versatility and dependability. Typical applications include aging, bonding, curing, drying, baking, heat treating, annealing and stress-relieving. Despatch ’s design,... [See More]

  • Application: Aging; Baking; Curing; Drying; Burn-In, Bonding; Industrial
  • Capacity: 52.6
  • Temperature Range: 104 to 650
  • External: Front Load (incl. Walk-in, Truck-in)