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Military / Defense RF Frequency Converters

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14-20 GHz (Ku, K Band) Passive Frequency Doubler -- CMD256
from Qorvo

Qorvo's CMD256 die is a broadband MMIC GaAs x2 passive frequency multiplier. When driven by a +15 dBm signal, the multiplier provides 15 dB conversion loss at an output frequency of 34 GHz. The Fo isolation is 38 dBc. The CMD256 is a 50 ohm matched design eliminating the need for RF port matching. [See More]

  • Applications: Military / Defense; Radar Systems; Salellite Communications
  • Input Frequency: 14000 to 20000
  • Form Factor: IC Chip
  • Output Frequency: 28000 to 40000
17 - 27 GHz K Band Image Reject Downconverter -- TGC4610-SM
from Qorvo

Qorvo's TGC4610-SM is a K-Band Image Reject Downconverter. The TGC4610-SM operates over an RF frequency range of 17 to 27 GHz and LO from 6.5 to 15.5 GHz with IF outputs from DC to 4 GHz. This part is designed using Qorvo's pHEMT production process. The TGC4610-SM integrates an LNA, and image reject... [See More]

  • Applications: Military / Defense; Salellite Communications
  • Form Factor: IC Chip
  • Converter Type: Downconverter
  • Input Frequency: 17000 to 27000
Ku-Band Up/Down Converter -- 6139-6605
from Crane Aerospace & Electronics

The 6139-6605 Ku-Band Up/Down Converter incorporates advanced amplifier and integration technology to provide a highly-integrated complete solution for advanced data link applications. The device readily interfaces with digital transceivers to provide a compact and efficient end-item solution. [See More]

  • Applications: Military / Defense
  • Form Factor: Board
  • Converter Type: Upconverter / Downconverter
  • Input Frequency: 14500 to 15500