AC Power Electromagnets

Parallel Pole Electromagnet
from Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Our Electromagnets offer On/Off capability and can be controlled in an automated sheet metal handling system. Through the application of controlled DC electrical current, electromagnets have the ability to hold and release ferrous material on command. PARALLEL POLE ELECTROMAGNETS. Industrial... [See More]

  • Power Supply: AC Power; DC Power
  • Holding Force: 40 to 465
  • Electromagnets: Parallel Pole Magnet
  • Lead Length: 0 to 1
Holding 0.75" Diameter Round Electromagnets -- EM075-115ac-212
from APW Company

Our EM075 Electromagnets are small round (cylindrical) electromagnets measuring .75" dia. x .62" in height and low profile models measuring .75" dia. x .375". Two mounting options are available with #6-32 and #10-32 available. These small electromagnets are available in 6 vdc to 115 vac operating... [See More]

  • Power Supply: AC Power (0 Amps @ 115 VAC)
  • Holding Force: 6
  • Electromagnets: Standard Lifting Magnet
  • Mounting Thread: Female 6-32
Rectangle Electromagnets -- ESA-121
from Monroe Engineering

Rectangle Electromagnets are available in six standard sizes. These magnets provide positive holding power and high responsiveness in numerous manual or automatic applications. Controlled by a remote IMI power supply, rectangular electromagnets are available in 12VDC, 24VDC, *110VDC and 120VAC... [See More]

  • Power Supply: AC Power (120VAC)
  • Holding Force: 100
  • Electromagnets: Flat-faced Magnet
  • Mounting Thread: 10-32
Electromagnet -- Type 58
from SG Transmission

Electromagnets are magnetic devices with steel bodies and internal coils used to securely hold ferromagnetic parts once the coil is energised. The magnets are energised to hold, where the electric current is required to turn the magnet on. Power is then removed to turn the magnet off. Key Features. [See More]

  • Power Supply: AC Power; DC Power (24 Vd.c. or 240 Va.c. (± 10%))
  • Holding Force: 20.23 to 787
  • Electromagnets: Flat-faced Magnet
  • Lead Length: 16