Manual Spinning Metal Spinning Services

Metal Spinning Services
from Charles H Schillinger Co.

Our CNC spinning equipment are fully automated machines and capable of sheet metal spinning, trimming and beading all in one process. Copper spinning and aluminum spinning symmetrically round items is what we do most. Stainless Steel spinning is very popular for the pharmaceutical and food service... [See More]

  • Capability: CNC; ManualSpinning; FlowForming; ExternalFlanging; InternalFlanging; Necking; Reducing; SpinningHollow
  • Diameter Capacity: 0.2500 to 120
  • Company Information: Strategically located in suburban Philadelphia, PA the Charles H. Schillinger Co. has achieved worldwide recognition for its exceptional ability to design, fabricate and deliver metal parts and components of unequalled quality, precision and complexity.
  • Thickness Capacity: 0.0100 to 1
Floturn, Inc.
from Floturn, Inc.

METAL SPINNING. Floturn's CNC metal spinning process means computer technology has aided manpower in a precise, efficient approach to metal spinning. Computer-controlled metal spinning can produce part-to-part consistency in shape and thickness. Diameters up to 60 inches can be processed. [See More]

  • Capability: CNC; ManualSpinning; FlowForming; Expanding; ExternalFlanging; InternalFlanging; Necking; Reducing; SpinningHollow
  • Diameter Capacity: 2 to 60
  • Company Information: Floturn's process offers innovative methods for forming conical, spherical and cylindrical shapes using all alloys including titanium, stainless steel, Inconel, etc. Some industries served are aerospace, commercial, chemical, military, and industrial.
  • Thickness Capacity: 0.0150 to 1
Kryton Engineered Metals, Inc. -- Kryton Metal Spinning
from Kryton Engineered Metals, Inc.

We know metal spinning and can offer many creative solutions to spin your part to your specifications competitively. We skillfully craft both automatic and hand-spun precision products. The Kryton team is a part of your team when it comes to pre-planning a part or trouble shooting a problem area. [See More]

  • Capability: CNC; ManualSpinning
  • Diameter Capacity: 1 to 126
  • Company Information: Kryton Engineered Metals has consistently shown how customized, high quality, manufactured metal products can be produced at a reasonable cost within production schedules that exceed customer expectations.
  • Materials: Aluminum; AlloySteel; SS
Metal Spinning and Spin Forming Services
from Toledo Metal Spinning Co.

CNC Metal SpinningSpinning is the process of moving a spinning roller over a metal blank. The metal spinning process starts with a sheet metal blank that rotates on a lathe. The metal disc is pressed against a tool (called a mandrel or a chuck) with a tailstock. The metal disc, tailstock and tool... [See More]

  • Capability: CNC; ManualSpinning
  • Diameter Capacity: ? to 49
  • Company Information: Established in 1929, Toledo Metal Spinning has developed into a supplier providing robust metal forming and joining solutions. We have six primary processes; deep drawing, stamping, hydroforming, metal spinning, rolling, and welding all supported by many secondary processes to build parts to customer specifications or for our own product lines.
  • Thickness Capacity: ? to 0.3100