Steel Industrial Inks Datasheets

LOCTITE EDAG 437 E&C (Known as ELECTRODAG 437 20 KG) -- 8799560237057
from Henkel Corporation - Electronics

Known as ELECTRODAG 437 20 KG ). LOCTITE EDAG 437 E&C is an EMC coating designed to provide electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) on cabinetry used for electronic equipment. It provides excellent shielding against radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI) and protection against electrostatic... [See More]

  • Substrate: Metallic; Steel
  • Cure Temperature: 158
  • Coating Material: Copper
  • Features: Conductive
Marking Ink -- 7080
from Aervoe Industries Incorporated

Quick drying, no smears or smudging, outstanding adhesion [See More]

  • Substrate: Concrete; Glass; Metallic; Steel; Wood
  • Coating Material: Resin
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying
  • Coverage: 18 to 36
Silver Filled Electro-Conductive Ink -- VCO-60130
from Protavic America, Inc.

PTV 28997. The PROTAVIC ® C 3513 S is a pure silver-filled electro-conductive ink which is supplied as a single substrates, and is specially adapted for silk screen printing. Its characteristic features are: fineness, good electrical conductivity and good adhesion on all substarates, especially... [See More]

  • Substrate: Aluminum; Anodized; Ceramic; Concrete; Glass; Metallic; Plastic; Steel; Wood
  • Coating Material: Metal Filled; Resin; Silver
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Thermoset
  • Cure Temperature: 257
Marking Material -- LMM-14
from TherMark Holdings Inc.

Will not work on metals with a lacquered coating, use CO2/YAG/fiber lasers [See More]

  • Substrate: Aluminum; Metallic; Steel
  • Coverage: 42
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Laser Fused (Laser Marking)
  • Thickness: 5.00E-4 to 0.0020