In-line Fueling Nozzles and Receptacles Datasheets

CMV 08-NGV 1 Type 2-3 Nozzle -- NGV-1
from Stäubli Corporation

Reliability and efficiency in free circulation. Solutions adapted to every type of fuel, vehicle and filling mode. Systems where your safety is guaranteed. Handy and reliable handles for long-term user-friendliness [See More]

  • Form: In-line
  • Maximum Pressure: 2901
  • Media: Air
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 185
Sulzer® Mixing Nozzle -- Injection Blender SIB
from DME Company

Sulzer Injection. Blender SIB. The injection blender SIB is an all-in-one solution specially developed for use with the Mixing Heads SMK-R and SMK-X. It simply replaces the existing machine nozzle and can be retrofitted to any type of injection molding machine. Made to your specifications, it can be... [See More]

  • Form: In-line
Compressed Hydrogen Fueling Nozzle with Exchangeable Nozzle Receiver TK17 H2 70 Mpa - ENR Series
from WEH Technologies Inc.

The WEH ® TK17 H2 70 MPa with exchangeable nozzle receiver was developed for refueling cars with compressed hydrogen (CGH2). The fueling nozzle provides the same proven characteristics as the actual known TK17 H2 70 MPa. The IR data interface which is located at the front part of the fueling... [See More]

  • Form: In-line
  • Maximum Pressure: 18202
  • Media: Fuel: Liquid
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 185