Video Display Dissolved Oxygen Meters Datasheets

DO Meter -- HI 9146-10
from Hanna Instruments, Inc.

Water-resistant device, 10 meter cable [See More]

  • Display Type: Video
  • Dissolved O2 Range: 0 to 45
  • Form Factor: Hand Held 
  • Accuracy: 1
Multiparameter Converter for Liquid Analytical Measurements -- MAC 100
from Krohne Ltd.

Unified converter platform for analysis, flow and level. Unified user interface. Unified service philosophy. The MAC 100 has a standardised operating concept, which is praxis proven since years in flow and level converters. With this KROHNE is the first manufacturer to have a unified device concept... [See More]

  • Display Type: Video
  • User Controls: Digital Front Panel
  • Number of Control Relays: 3
  • Electrical Output: Analog Current; Switch / Alarm Relay
Oxygen Analyzer System -- GEN III 5000 Series
from MO2 Inc.

The GEN III 5000 series, part of OxySense ’s newest line of of non-invasive oxygen monitoring and permeation systems, is the oxygen measurement instrument of choice for labs and individuals who need to test or evaluate bottles, packages and other packaging materials through a variety of... [See More]

  • Display Type: Video
  • Dissolved O2 Range: 0 to 300000
  • Form Factor: Lab / Benchtop
  • Accuracy: 50000