Cylindrical Eddy Current Proximity Sensors Datasheets

Proximity Switches
from Azbil Corporation

Proximity switches (proximity sensors) provide contactless detection of an approaching metal object. We offer a variety of induction-based proximity switches, which make use of electromagnetic coupling to detect eddy currents generated in a metal target object. Available types include cylindrical,... [See More]

  • Body Shape: Cylindrical; Rectangular
  • Output Load: DC Load; 2-Wire; 3-Wire NPN; 3-Wire PNP
  • Electrical Output: Switched / Alarm
Precision Analog Output Inductive Proximity Sensor -- ECA100
from Lion Precision

ECA100 is a high-precision eddy-current or inductive proximity switch with a nonlinear analog output. The analog output provides linear position sensor feedback while the precision repeatable switched output alerts operators and systems to conditions. User adjustable offset and gain. Vacuum... [See More]

  • Body Shape: Cylindrical
  • Operating Temperature: 39.2 to 122
  • Operation Distance: 0.0020 to 0.6800
  • Electrical Output: Voltage; Switched / Alarm
10000 Series -- Model 10001
from Metrix Instrument Co.

Optional probe driver, radial vibration or position probe transmitter [See More]

  • Body Shape: Cylindrical; Threaded Barrel
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 351
  • Operation Distance: ? to 0.0787
  • Target Material: Non-Magnetic Targets; Ferrous Targets