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  • PCB2064-4-210_00_nomenc_appro.txt (
    … Package:D,10% 7 4700_000s 4700_003, TUSONIX:Chip,PI-Filter, 10A ,2000pF 4 tpboucle1.0 … … PHILIPS:MOS-P,Transistor, 12V ,0.75A 1 c0402 … … 8-BIT,Bidirectional,Low, Voltage ,Translator,Package:TSSOP20 1 … … NS:Low-Dropout,Linear, Regulator ,2.5V,0.8A …
  • PCB2122-2-210D_appro_adc1415s_lvds.txt (
    … Package:B,10% 1 4700_000s 4700_003, TUSONIX:Chip,PI-Filter, 10A ,2000pF 1 tpboucle1.0 … … PHILIPS:MOS-P,Transistor, 12V ,0.75A 24 c0402 … … Low-noise,LDO,Linear, Regulator ,3.3V,0.15A … … Micropower,Low-Noise,Adjustable, Voltage ,Regulator,1V,to,5V …
  • PCB2122-2-210D_nomenc_adc1415s_lvds.txt (
    … EXCCL4532U1, PANASONIC:EXCCL,Type,Chip,Filter,115R-100Mhz FL2 blm18 BLM18TG221TN1, MURATA:BLM18T,Type;Chip,Emifil,0.2A,220R-100Mhz FL3 4700_000s 4700_003, TUSONIX:Chip,PI-Filter, 10A ,2000pF IC1 mlf6x40_0.5 … … Noise,Ultra,LDO,CMOS, Voltage , Regulator ,5.0V,0.15A … … TO,BE,CLOSED,PIN1,and,PIN3*** T1 sot23 BSH205, PHILIPS:MOS-P,Transistor, 12V ,0.75A TB1 …
    Amperes available: 10A ,15A,20A,30A. Voltage available: 12V ,24V,48V. • Related Keywords :solar charge controller, solar regulator , solar controller, solar charge regulator .
  • A novel linear-nonlinear digital control for DC/DC converter with fast transient response
    Besides control has been tested under load changes of different size, i.e. 120A-80A-40A- 10A . Preliminary hardware tests on a single phase step-down converter laboratory prototype for 12V -to-1V/30A voltage regulator , with the proposed linear-non-linear control implemented, are here reported.
  • Regulator Electronic Circuits
    … V & V out-5 V -  This reference design is for a - 12V at 1A Negative … The UC3572 converts a positive input voltage to a regulated negative output voltage. New High Efficiency Monolithic Synchronous Step-Down Regulator works with Single or Dual Li-ION Batteries -  … New LTC1266 Switching Regulator Provides High Efficiency at 10A Loads -  DN103  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app …
  • PCB2064-4-210_00_nomenc_fab.txt (
    … Filter,10A,2000pF FL30 4700_000s 4700_003, TUSONIX:Chip,PI-Filter,10A,2000pF FL31 4700_000s 4700_003, TUSONIX:Chip,PI-Filter, 10A ,2000pF FL32 blm18 BLM18PG181SN1 … … NS:Low-Dropout,Linear, Regulator ,3.3V,0.8A … … MAXIM:Ultra-Low-Input- Voltage ,LDO,Regulator,0.5V … … PHILIPS:MOS-N,Transistor,30V,850mA T3 sot23 BSH205, PHILIPS:MOS-P,Transistor, 12V ,0.75A TB1 …
  • A high-frequency AC distributed power system with dual PWM buses
    … high-frequency (HF) AC distributed power system (DPS) with dual PWM buses has been presented, and experimental prototype with a total of 210W output power for three independent outputs, i.e, 3.3V@30A, 5.0V@ 10A , and 12V @5.1A, was built … multiple DC outputs with big voltage difference and high power conversion efficiency. Zhou, “ Low Voltage High-Efficiency Fast Transient Voltage Regulator Modules,” Doctoral Thesis, Center of Power …
  • Solar Cell Circuits - Page 2
    DAS1 10A / 12V Dark Activated Switch -  The DAS1 is a combination manual switch and automatic dark-activated switch. The circuit includes a low voltage disconnect circuit that prevents excessive battery discharge on battery operated systems. Digital Clock with Timer & Solar Panel Regulator -  This is a combination digital clock timer and …
  • Design of Intelligent Fire Extinguishing System of Interior Large Space
    Finally, the three-terminal regulator chips that is KA7812 and KA7805 change the voltage to +5V and + 12V DC voltage and 10A .