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  • Refractory Oxide Coatings on Titanium for Nitric Acid Applications
    The novelty of the present coating process is that highly corrosion resistant coating can be applied with paint brush using inexpen- sive chemicals such as oxide powder and glycerol.
  • Materials Selection for Corrosion Control
    Acrylic resin can be added to vinyl paint to improve gloss retention and brushing , at the cost of some chemical resistance .
  • ZMSCC1993P393
    Acrylic resin can be added to vinyl paint to improve gloss retention and brushing , at the cost of some chemical resistance .
  • Encyclopedia of Plastics, Polymers, and Resins Volume 4
    Category/Applications: Multipurpose me- dium-flow homopolymer for injection mold- ing and extrusion applications; used for molded housewares, hospitalwares, paint brush handles, and chemical equipment where parts exhibit high strength-to-weight ratio, exc. chemical and solvent resistance , stress crack resistance, and heat …
  • Synthesis, formulation, and characterization of siloxane‐modified epoxy‐based anticorrosive paints
    A precondensate solution of the E- or ES-curing agent paint system in ethyl methyl ketone was applied by a brush , at room temperature, to commercially available mild … … 30 ϫ 10 ϫ 1 mm3 for chemical (corrosion) resistance testing and 70 ϫ …
  • Plant Microtechniques and Protocols
    Containers to properly dispose of chemicals waste Laboratory log book to note trials, errors, and success Ballpoint pen ( resist better to alcohol than waterproof fine- point pen), markers/pencils Fine camel hair, paint , or aquarelle brushes Numerous standard pipettes Fine-tip tweezers (Dumoxel …
  • ZASMHBA0000071
    A~lkntm Chemical Coatings Anti-fouling paints Conductive paints and plastics Corrosion- resisting paints Decorative paints Fabric coatings Heat-reflectingpaint Hard facing Lacquers Mechanical (peen … … coating Electrical and electronic Acoustical elements to improve microphone response Batteries Breathers Brushes Cathode.ray tubes Contacts …
  • ZCP2009ITSC1090
    Its advantages including: (1) 10-100 nm inorganic non-metallic nanomaterial distributed uniformly in liquid paints and cured film, chemical bonding with epoxy resin … … can be applied by brush , roller, air or airless … … coating, generating superior corrosion resistance of phosphate passive film …
  • Oxidation Resistance of Al PO 4 Bonded Ceramic Coating Formed on Titanium Alloy for High‐Temperature Applications
    … alloys with some specific performances by various advanced surface engineering techniques.9–13 Ceramic coatings can also be formed by dip, spray, or brush ceramic paint on the surface of … … feature of high-temperature chemical stability, thermal shock resistance , oxidation resistance, and outstanding …