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    Steamers and Steam Generators - (107 companies)
    ...steam is heating to a temperature higher than its boiling point, but without boiling. Types Selecting steamers and steam generators requires an analysis of product types. Surface steamers are used to clean and sanitize conveyor belts, electrical...
  • Electrical Power Generators-Image
    Electrical Power Generators - (969 companies)
    Electrical power generators, also known as alternators, transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. They can be used for backup or emergency power or as an alternator on board a vehicle. Generators can produce either AC or DC power...
  • Tubing-Image
    Tubing - (2352 companies)
    Tubes are hollow cylinders used for fluid transport, structural applications, or electrical sheathing. They are usually cylindrical in shape, but may have round, rectangular, or square cross-sections. Tubing or tubes are hollow cylinders used...
  • Steam Valves-Image
    Steam Valves - (234 companies)
    ...provides the energy to drive the turbines connected to generators in gas, coal, nuclear and certain solar plants. Both superheated and saturated steam is used in these applications. Atomization: Steam can be used to atomize a liquid for the purpose...
  • Steam and Gas Turbines-Image
    Steam and Gas Turbines - (72 companies)
    Steam turbines and gas turbines are rotating machines that extract energy from pressurized steam and/or from combustion gases. Types of Steam and Gas Turbines. There are two basic types of steam turbines: impulse and reaction. Impulse turbines...
    Downhole Motors - (23 companies)
    Downhole motors consist of a section of drill string that contains a progressive cavity displacement pump (PCDP). Drilling fluid is pumped through the downhole motor providing additional power to the bit while drilling. Description. Downhole motors...
    Pulse Generators - (95 companies)
    Pulse generators are electrical test equipment used to generate pulses that are injected into devices under test in order to study the behavior of these devices. Basic pulse generators allow users to control: the frequency or pulse repetition rate...
    Steam Injection Heaters - (27 companies)
    ...for securing the heater. On a much larger scale, a heat recovery steam generator is a type of boiler used in power plants to take advantage of the waste heat generated by a gas-powered turbine. The waste heat from the gas turbine is used to heat water...
    Generator Heads and Alternators - (55 companies)
    Generator heads and alternators convert mechanical energy into electrical power through electromagnetic induction. Generator heads and alternators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generators and alternators differ by operation...
    Signal Generators - (368 companies)
    Signal generators and waveform generators are used to test and align all types of transmitters and receivers, to measure frequency and to generate a signal, waveform or noise source. Signal generators can use AC energy, audio frequency (AF...

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  • Carbon Crunch
    …steam generation, which represents 90 per cent of energy used at typical in situ oper­ations, some of the technology improvements identified included alternate fuels for boilers; microwave, nuclear and solar thermal technologies; electrical induction; plasma generator ; downhole steam generation and organics removal…
  • Electrical Generating Capacities of Geothermal Slim Holes
    …5 to 10megawatt range are feasible, using one or two standardsizeproductionwellsconnected to a smallwellhead generator.Conventionalprac- tice for projects of this type involves using steam turbines driving electrical generators for relatively high- - temperature … usually recommended, and a downhole pump will be required…
  • Practical aspects of steam injection processes: A handbook for independent operators
    Steam generators Steam lines to injection wells and production lines to tank battery Fuel lines to steam generators Flow lines to steam generators (include expansion loops and anchors) Electrical systems Water supply equipment (supply … and production wellhead equipment and downhole facilities .
  • Recent Advances in Steamflood Technology
    Within the past few years, however, a renewed effort has reportedly been under way to develop a reliable downhole steam generator . .... This device is known to use an electrical heat source downhole to turn saline water into near…
  • Steamflooding
    After expansion through an electrical power generator turbine, the lower-pressure steam could be injected for heavy-oil recovery. .... Downhole Steam Generators.
  • Geothermal resources and technology in the United States. Supporting Paper No. 4
    liquid and piped to a central power station, where condensate is removed and the steam is used to drive turbines that drive electrical generators . .... There are several alternatives to this general production scheme. is to use downhole pumps to bring the…
  • Enhance Heavy Oil Production of Horizontal Well by Distributed Downhole Electrical Heating
    …potential to improve heavy or waxy oil production in horizontal well by distributed electrical heating both in .... Furthermore, such coiled tubing packed heater could be used to heat the injected steam to increased the .... Additionally, it offers a new way to develop downhole steam generator .
  • Status And Outlook For Oil Recovery By Injection
    After expansion through an electrical power generator t u r b l n e , t h e lower pressure s tearn could be l nj ectecl i'or heavy o i l recovery. .... r b i n e before r a l s i n g steam off'ers an additional .... Downhole Steam Generators .
  • [15]4 Thermal Recovery of Petroleum
    The electrical power can be sold to a utility or used on-site. .... This process drastically reduces the cost of steam for thermal recovery. .... Downhole steam generators .
  • Electro Magnetic Heating in Viscous Oil Reservoir
    …use requires a minimal surface presence in populated areas, it is intuitive that downhole electric heating should .... It has also been proposed that electrical heating may be used to develop communication between the injector .... This may advance the commercial production from a well pair as this operation could start prior to commissioning of the steam generators , while the wells are usually drilled much in advance.