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  • Humidifiers (industrial)-Image
    Humidifiers (industrial) - (173 companies)
    ...for industrial humidifiers include primary voltage, power demand, output capacity, steam pressure, rated input, and control tolerance. For non-ultrasonic systems, the primary voltage is the voltage supplied to the heater or heat exchanger. Power demand...
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    Primary Voltage
    Power Demand
  • Dust Collectors-Image
    Dust Collectors - (768 companies)
    ...devices (precleaners) to lighten heavy dust loads before the use of more expensive pollution control devices (e.g. baghouses, electrostatic precipitators) which have higher collection efficiencies. Cyclones can also handle a range of temperatures...
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  • Fans and Blowers (industrial)-Image
    Fans and Blowers (industrial) - (1504 companies) consist of multiple co-rotating, serpentine shafts that mesh to move air and gases in a controlled manner. The shafts mesh so tightly that backflow is prevented. Typically, bi-lobal fans and tri-lobal are used to recirculate gases in process...
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  • Mist Collectors and Fume Collectors-Image
    Mist Collectors and Fume Collectors - (331 companies)
    Mist collectors and fume collectors reduce the amount of mist, aerosols and fumes in the workplace atmosphere. They can be used for treating media streams involving combinations of liquid/vapor, or solid/vapor. Mist collectors and fume collectors...
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    Steamers and Steam Generators - (105 companies)
    Steamers and steam generators produce steam vapor for cleaning, oxidation, and other process functions.
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    Control Valves - (1664 companies)
    Control valves or proportional valves are power-operated devices used to modify fluid flow or pressure rate in a process system. Control valves are power-operated devices used to automatically modify fluid flow or rate pressure in a process system...
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    Junction Field-Effect Transistors (JFET) - (63 companies)
    Junction field-effect transistors (JFET) consist of a semiconductor channel in which the width and the conductivity of the channel is controlled by the space-charge region associated with the p-n region. Junction field effect transistors (JFET...
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    Electrical Field Strength Sensors - (24 companies)
    Electrical field strength sensors are used to measure the strength of electrical fields. Electric fields are the product of voltage and become stronger as the voltage increases. DC electric field strength sensors are used to measure static charges...
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    Magnetic Field Sensors - (75 companies)
    Magnetic field sensors measure magnetic field strength, direction, and/or magnetic flux. They are used for scientific measurement, navigation, and industrial applications. How to Select Magnetic Field Sensors. Image Credit: Balluf. Magnetic field...
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    Magnetic Field Instruments - (160 companies)
    Magnetic field instruments include meters, gauges, recorders and other instrumentation for the measurement of magnetic fields and/or magnetic flux. How to Select Magnetic Field Instruments. Image Credit: MicroSense, Ohio Semitronics, Extech...
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  • Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering
    The shafts roller bearings are lubricated by the oil mist in the crankcase. .... 4.3 Generator-starter and control system. .... Axial–axial field type or compound structures have also been studied in order to enhance the EVT performance .... However, without auxiliary components such as the air compressor, humidifier , and pressure and flow regulators, the stack .... The turbo compressor and the twin-screw compressor are two well-suitable options for high pressure operation…
  • Dubbel
    …pierce and improve the local climate, to extend by high inversion layers of mist duration by about .... It is to observe when the motors in a large rotation speed region must be operated. .... The heating decoupling took place one-step, mostly from the flowing line (characterized in the circuit diagram .... Turbo compressor (s. R 7) as well as continually promoting displacer machines have a significantly larger flow … cooling and drying (e.g., refrigerating machine) (e.g., heating boiler, heat pump) (e.g., spraying humidifier ).
  • Handbook of Petroleum Processing
    Near fired heaters, the compressor units, which may include gas-driven turbine or turbo expanders, are the .... Fire Main Description and Control . .... Fire extinguishers in the field are exposed to the elements and may deteriorate. .... for types of exchangers: • Every 5 years for stored-pressure water, water mist , loaded stream, antifreeze .... At atmospheric temperatures above 100 F, humidifiers are incorporated into the cooler design and operation.
  • Applied Energy Technology
    This system consists of preheat subsystem, humidifier , mass flow control subsystem, electronic load, PC control subsystem, backpressure valve, and so on. .... The high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell with single-serpentine flow field was used in these .... The high-pressure ethylene gas enters the first-stage turbo expander and expands to a medium pressure. .... flue gas desulfurization, insufficient diffusion capability of flue gas flow, the blockage of mist eliminator, poor operation…