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  • Natural Gas in Venezuela: Flowmeter Applications
    Hoffer Flow Controls has recently supplied two computerized natural gas turbine flow measuring systems to Venezuela's gas industry. These systems accurately measure "mass" flow rate and total. Venezuela has enormous gas resources and measuring it accurately is critical because of its value. In one
  • How Does a Thermal Flow Meter Work?
    An insertion-type (immersible) thermal flow meter works by measuring the total mass flow rate of air/gas flowing through a pipe or duct. In a thermal flow meter†TMs simplest working configuration, gas flows past a heated velocity sensor and a temperature sensor. Instrument electronics work
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Further-more, continuous measurement of flow or differential pressure over time would allow the total transported volume of gas or liquid to be calculated. Technological progress in microsensor technology now makes it possible to produce components that are smaller, cheaper and suitable for low-power
  • Drying Requires Functional Model
    was ruined. Measuring variations in the drying rates between points may well show the variations in air flow throughout the drying container. This will lead to SOP changes in the manner in which the dryer is charged and/or operated. Modifications to air flow and temperature as well as load capacity
  • Leaning on NIR in Pisa
    material container in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia guidelines, including UV-Vis spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy and gas chromatography. Conducting raw material identification with these methods proved to be extremely time-consuming. Additionally, the total amount of incoming raw
  • Pulling Money Out of Thin Air
    Raising the efficiency of compressed-air systems could save thousands of dollars yearly. Save air with a regulator added to a valve bank. Placing FRL elements on scheduled maintenance intervals reduces pressure drop and lets air flow. Compressed air is considered the "fourth utility " in many

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