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  • Ensure Safe System Operation with Certified Isolator Devices
    Isolation components such as optocouplers that are used in applications that have user safety issues as a key aspect. must not fail under continuous high-working-voltage bias conditions. Safety hazards exist and human life is at risk when. such insulation fails and the high voltages come in contact
  • Reduce IGBT Gate Drive Design Costs and Space
    The ACPL-337J is an advanced highly integrated gate drive optocoupler, designed to ISOLATE, DRIVE, PROTECT and FEEDBACK the IGBT's operational status. It has a rail-to-rail output that can deliver 4A of maximum current capable of driving high power IGBT directly.
  • Optocoupler Performance Comparison: NEC PS9552 vs. Avago HCPL-3120
    Both the PS9552 and HCPL-3120 are optically-coupled isolators that employ a GaAlAs LED on the input side and a photo diode, a signal processing circuit, and a power output transistor on the output side. They feature large peak output current, fast switching speeds, undervoltage lockout protection
  • Application: Airplane TVS - Reed Relay
    the high current test, switching devices within the testers are needed that can carry high pulsed currents that do not distort the pulsed current, and at the same time, isolate other circuits that are also used to do a battery of other tests to the device under test. Using reed relays achieves
  • Tangential Flow Filtration Explores New Niches
    the product, and relies upon two filtration skids. Product slurry in the harvest tank passes through the first TFF skid, isolating the product fragments. This isolation step can use either a microfiltration membrane or ultrafiltration membrane with a high-molecular-weight cutoff to filter out
  • Flexible Solutions for Isolated AC Line Monitoring
    of power supplies. While standalone ADCs are available, they require external galvanic isolators to connect to the mains or other high-voltage systems. AC line monitors come in many shapes, sizes and feature sets. Learn more about how to select the most flexible ac line monitor that best complements
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    will walk you through the various practical aspects of implementing. medical devices. The projects presented in the book are truly unique. College-level books in the field of. biomedical instrumentation present block-diagram views of equipment, and high-level. hobby books restrict their scope
  • Designing Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Sources for Surface Engineering of Nanomaterials
    polarization in a non-uniform electric field [6, 7], is. dependent upon physical and electrical properties of a. particle, it presents an advantage over the current techniques. in the ability to be highly specific with minimal sample. preparation. Several applications to isolate target cells based

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