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  • ZCFAP2003ALL
    … 2240 durometer (Shore hardness) test method, 194 ASTM D 2303 electrical insulation tracking resistance and erosion test methods, 170 ASTM D 2394 simulated service testing of wood and wood -base finish flooring, 261 … … 189 long-term uniaxial tensile creep test, 187­188(F … … assessment, 337 ASTM D 3364 capillary die for measuring melt flow rate, 107 ASTM D 3379 single-filament tensile strength test, 197, 198(F … … D 3419 in-line screw -injection molding of test … … 165 ASTM D 3763 high -speed puncture properties of …
  • Beneficial uses of paper mill residuals for New York State`s recycled-paper mills. Final report
    Compressive and tensile strengths were greatly increased and fiber reinforced cement composites showed an extremely high capacity to deform prior to failure. The final product alsoretains someproperties similarto that of wood , in that it canbenailed, screwed , and fastened without special materials, and it can also be cut with a typical handsaw.
  • Determination of Optimum Extrusion Parameters in Compounding Flax Fiber-Reinforced Polyethylene Composites
    … of Matuana and co-workers (2004), it was concluded that HDPE/wood-flour composite foams with the highest void fraction can be achieved at the highest levels of extruder’s screw speed rate (120 rpm) and moisture content of wood flour (12%), together with … Some studies focused on the effects on tensile strength and water absorption.
  • Proceedings of Fourth International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving
    screw speed and that of agave fibre-reinforced epoxy composite were significantly high due to alkali treatment of the fibre [10, 11]. The flexural strength and tensile strength of date wood palm flour-based polyethylene composite were decreased by increasing the filler content, while the flexural modulus was increased [12].
  • Inf. tecnol.  vol.16 issue6; Abstract: S0718-07642005000600004
    The thermoplastic materials employed included high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP), both of commercial origin. The mixtures were prepared using a laboratory single- screw extruder, and samples were prepared to determine Izod impact strength and tensile strength as a function of wood content.