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  • Power electronics
    The semiconductor industry this in its modules has mitaufgenommen; known examples are the Festspannung regulators of 78 XX series (inner circuit see Abb. 14.95 and 14.96) [14.35] or also regulator for variable voltage like the LM317 .
  • Electronics for engineers and natural scientists
    …joints of capacitors the Einflu6 the to remove Induktivitat from supplies or the circuit to the supply .... For example, behave the output impedance of the voltage regulator LM317 inductively.
  • CR4 - Thread: How to Build an AVR for a Three Phase Generator?
    - and I forgot that an input capacitor and preferably an output capacitor are needed as shown in fig. 1 and its notes A and B [the circuit of your voltage regulator included those, they avoid the LM317 going an on/off oscillation behaviour]. .... the field) is a problem - what probably happened was that the LM317 was switching ON/OFF at such…
  • Voltage Regulator electronic Circuits, Page 3
    Ceramic output capacitors enhance internally compensated switchers - 07/20/06 EDN-Design Ideas:  Restore switching regulator stability when you change output-capacitor compositions.....(design idea added 10/06). .... Change Improves Regulators’ Reliability - 05/12/94 EDN-Design Ideas:  The standard circuit for adjustable, 3-terminal regulators ( LM317 , LM350, etc)in Fig 1a suffers from a designed-in fault: If  potentiometer R2’s wiper loses contact,  regulator’s output goes high.
  • Simulation of electronic circuits with micro-CAP
    LM117 shows the windows opening it the circuit diagram of known adjustable voltage regulator with the commercial component-name ( LM317 ). .... Shows the windows opening it the circuit diagram of an equivalent circuit for a triode.
  • A simple low-cost electrical switching analyzer for I-V characterization of switching samples and devices
    …on port p1.0 through the open collector buffer (74LS07), and the user operates the manual switch . .... 4) Low-Voltage Power Supply Circuit : A low-voltage power supply has been developed for the operation .... Here, standard voltage regulators have been used to generate +12 V, −12 V (LM7812 and 7912), +5 V (LM7805), and +32 V ( LM317 ) required for the mi- crocontroller, DACs, operational amplifiers, and serial interface to PC [7].
  • Single barium ion spectroscopy: light shifts, hyperfine structure, and progress on an optical frequency standard and atomic parity violation
    TTL computer pulse or 5V from panel switch 0.1, 1% 1W, current sense L = 19.9 .... The adjustable voltage regulator LM317 is power boosted with several power transistors LM195, a circuit copied from .
  • CR4 - Thread: Stepping Down DC Voltage
    For home built a LM317 adjustable voltage regulator can be reconfigured into a basic switching type buck converter that has good regulation and fair efficiency. .... The manufactures data sheets have the application specs and suggested circuit schematics on them.
  • Sub-Kelvin refrigeration with dry-coolers on a rotating system
    The current limiter consists of a 3-terminal regulator ( LM317 , Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, Texas, USA). .... Each current into the switch is mon- itored using an analog-to-digital converter (ADC-16, Pico .... Figure 2 shows a pho- tograph of the circuit for the boost converters and the current limiters.
  • Design of an Electrochemical Tubulated Bipolar Membrane Breadboard System for the Treatment of Spacecraft Waste Water
    The cell stack power is supplied through a current regulator circuit fabricated using a LM317 voltage regulator chip and 20 ohm variable resistor. .... The WV and concentrate pumps have toggle switches to allow the operator to stop flow to change…