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  • Second Generation Lysholm Compressor
    OIL-SUPPLY ARRANGEMENTS AND SELF-LUBRICATION - To maintain a high rotational speed, the first-generation Lysholm compressor was lubricated and cooled internally by oil fed from the engine. .... Because the maximum seal face rotational speed was above 30 m/sec at the M-rotor maximum rotational…
  • Handbook of Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Machinery Volume 3 Applications of Fluid Dynamics Complete Document
    For most chemical process applications handling gases where oil contamination is not permissible, the dry-screw type .... Another variation of the screw-type, not related to the Lysholm rotor design, is the spiral-axial … fourth type of rotary is the liquid-ring type, used either as a compressor or as a … rotor moves in a circular or oval-shaped casing where water or other sealing liquid is present.
  • Thermodynamics for chemical engineers
    …151- , isothennal , 79, 150 2, 489 compressionsplit-stage248-50- factor , 136-8, 140 468-72- - , critical 471-2 compressor 203ft see also turbo- compressor - , classification , 203- , diaphragm203-4 … jet, 204, 218- 19- , Lysholm , 215- 16- , multistage210- 12- , oil -flooded 215- 16- , reciprocating19 … 410 Helmholtz free energy, see free energy Henry's law, 318, 323, 387 hermetically- sealed compressor 238,242…
  • Geometry of screw compressor rotors and their tools
    Serious efforts to develop screw machines began in the 1930s, when Lysholm (1942), a Swedish en- gineer, used a screw compressor as a part of the gas turbine, and all modern developments in this machine stem from his pioneering work. .... those of reciprocating machines, and the use of screw compressors, especially of the oil flooded type, was … screw compressor rotors must meet the meshing requirements of gears while maintaining a seal along their length…
  • Screw Compressors
    Even with elaborate and costly systems such as these, successful internal sealing is still regarded as a problem by established process gas compressor manufacturers. .... follows that such machines are con- siderably more expensive to manufacture than those that are oil injected. .... At that time, Alf Lysholm , a tal- ented Swedish engineer, required a high speed compressor, which could…
  • Performance Development of the Supercharged Mercury Marine Outboard Engines
    Figure 12 Transmission loss of the Verado sound attenuator SUPERCHARGER DESIGN SPECIFICS For reasons previously discussed a Lysholm style screw compressor was chosen due to its higher isentropic efficiencies and higher outlet temperature capabilities. .... marine engine required numerous modifications including the use of a special lubrication system, bearings and shaft seals . .... External oiling was chosen since a self contained lube system did not lend itself to our package…
  • Industrial Refrigeration Handbook > SCREW COMPRESSORS
    Following some successes and reverses, the Ljungstrom brothers resigned from the company in the 1920s and a new chief engineer, Alf Lysholm , was appointed, who provided the firm with several inventions, including that of the screw compressor . .... synchronizing gears and operated dry, but during the 1950s the practice of injecting oil began and this .... Oil is injected in screw compressors for sealing the spaces between the lobes, and this oil must…
    Closer control of case-rotor clearances, or the addition of sealing ribs, should reduce bypass leakage and .... J. R. Lysholm , "A New Rotary Compressor ," Proc. I. M. E., London 150 (1943). ^W. .... of a Modern, Axial-flow Positive-Displacement Rotary Compressor," presented at the Oil and Gas Power…
  • Recent Trends in Fuel Cell Science and Technology
    Root compressors, Lysholm or screw compressor , centrifugal or radial type compressors, axial flow compressors have all been tried each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages. .... depend on effective lubrication or friction and wear reduction in critical components such as bearings and seals . .... Conventional oil or grease lubrication of compressor components is not desirable because such lubricants can contaminate and…
  • A Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering
    lubricant Any substance such as oil , grease, or gas under pressure that, when supplied to bearing surfaces .... Lysholm compressor A twin‐screw super- charger with improved sealing between the two rotors when compared with a Roots blower.

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