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  • Low Cost USB Microcontroller Programmer The building of the PICkit TM 1 FLASH Starter Kit
    The PICkit TM 1 FLASH Starter Kit is a low cost programmer for Microchip's 8/14-pin FLASH microcontrollers. On the surface, the PICkit 1 is an easy to use programmer. What may not be so obvious to its user is the PICkit 1 is also a useful design example illustrating primarily two things: (1
  • A PC-Based Development Programmer for the PIC16C84
    This application note describes the construction of a low cost serial programmer which uses a PC with a parallel (Centronix printer) port to control a PIC16C84. This programmer has the capability of programming a PIC16C84 microcontroller, and reading back internal data without removing the device
  • KeeLoQ HCS30X, HCS200 Stand-Alone Programmer
    This application note describes how to implement a KEELOQ stand-alone programmer using a Microchip PIC16F84A microcontroller. The PIC16F84A is a FLASH microcontroller with 64 bytes of internal EEPROM that, in this design, is used to store the incremental serial number programmed into HCS encoders
  • USB Device Stack for PIC32 Programmer?s Guide
    AN1176 USB Device Stack for PIC32 Programmer's Guide ASSUMPTIONS Author: Bud Caldwell Microchip Technology Inc. 1. Working knowledge of C programming language 2. Familiarity with the USB 2.0 protocol INTRODUCTION (R) 3. Familiarity with Microchip MPLAB IDE The Universal Serial Bus (USB) has
  • PICSTART-16B1 User's Guide
    PICSTART-16B1 is a DOS-based device programmer that interfaces with a PC host to provide product developers with the ability to program user software into the PIC16C5X, PIC16C61, PIC16C71 and PIC16C84 Microchip CMOS microcontroller families. The Host Interface Program, MPS16B.EXE, allows you
  • AVR910: In-System Programming
    In-System Programming allows programming and reprogramming of any AVR microcontroller positioned inside the end system. Using a simple Three-wire SPI interface, the In-System Programmer communicates serially with the AVR microcontroller, reprogramming all non-volatile memories on the chip
  • USB Mass Storage Class on an Embedded Device
    for This application note discusses and provides a Mass bulk transfers Storage Device (MSD) function driver that can be inte- * File system support (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS) is grated with almost any application running on Micro- dependent on the host OS (R) microcontroller products with USBchip 32-bit

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