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  • Flat panel display test and evaluation for U.S. military applications
    It is also imperative that any laboratory activity have access to reliable and timely calibration and repair services . Most instruments, ranging from photometers and lamps to goniometers, usually require a periodic (annual) calibration and inspection. Calibrations must be traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST ).
  • Luminous intensity measurements of sources using a new detector-based illuminance scale
    response, traceable to N1ST primary standard detectors using a short derivation chain. With the introduction of the new photometric scale, the photometric calibration services of NIST will include luminous intensity and luminance calibration of different kinds of light sources, mea- sured with standard photometers .
  • NIST Photometry
    NIST ’s program in photometery involves maintaining the SI base unit of luminous intensity, the candela, as well as other photometric quantities; establishing national calibration standards and services for retroreflectivity; and educating the photometric community about the fundamentals and practical aspects of … It is maintained on a group of eight standard photometers , which are calibrated annually and traceable to Division's reference cryogenic radiometer (POWR).
  • Validation of TOMS UV irradiance with Brewer ground-based measurements at southwestern Spain
    Besides the everyday tests performed with the internal lamps, the spectrophotometer is periodically calibrated by comparison with a standard lamp, with calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST ). … two years against a Brewer travelling standard (Brewer #017) from the International Ozone Services (IOS, Canada), previously … For aerosol studies ESAt and University of Valladolid operated an automatic CIMEL sun photometer , which is part …
  • Calibration and characterization of UV sensors for water disinfection
    Photometers are normally calibrated using a standard incandescent lamp approximating this spectrum. The development of a facility at NIST dedicated to the calibration of UV water disinfection sensors is … With such a facility, reference standard UV sensors can be calibrated traceable to the national scale for … This facility and calibration service will establish traceability of the UV sensors for the water treatment community …
    NO2 in- struments are serviced yearly on-site by an ECOPHYSICS service engineer. O3 calibrations are traceable to the standards of the cali- bration laboratory at the Environment Agency Austria (EAA) in Vienna (accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025), which is the Austrian Reference Laboratory for Air Qual- ity according to the EC Directives. Therefore the O3 mea- surements are traceable to the Austrian national Etalon for O3, the NIST SRP #26 (primary reference photometer ).
  • BCRA ceramic colour standards series II
    Luminance (SI derived unit: candelas per square meter or lumens per steradian per square meter) is most com- monly measured in CRT/computer terminal manufactur- ing and QA, in psychological research, and in field ser- vice of display devices. The UDT range of photometers includes compact handhelds and takes in sophisticated bench-top models capable of … Measurement accuracy is assured by the use of spe- cially selected, photopically matched sensors, calibrated to 2 3 % NIST traceable accuracy.
  • Flat panel display test and evaluation: procedures, standards, and facilities
    … any inversion of color, gray levels, or contrast within the viewing cone. spot photometer , video signal generator … … that to obtain accurate results when performing these procedures, the equipment should be calibrated according to the … Radiance/luminance standards are calibrated against standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST ). … manufacturers such as Gamma Scientific, Hoffman Engineering, and Photo Research can provide calibration services for many types …
  • LED photometric calibrations at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and future measurement needs of LEDs
    The calibration service available for averaged LED intensity has a typical expanded relative uncertainty (k=2) of 0.8 to 1.8 % for LEDs that have a specially designed base for alignment. LED Photometer Calibration at NIST … aperture of the LED Standard photometers is measured by trap detectors, which are traceable to the unit …
  • NIST Detector metrology
    NIST cooperates with the three services (Air Force, Navy, and Army) to realize a uniform night vision goggle (NVG) calibration system with low measurement uncertainty. Realization of the candela and Kelvin - Based on newly developed high performance radiometers, photometers , and colorimeters, realization … The NIST candela is now directly traceable to the NIST Primary Optical Watt Radiometer (POWR).