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  • CR4 - Thread: Electronics Engineers are Scared to Accept Challenges
    Did you specifically state, in writing and as part of your contract with your PCB manufacturer , that the area on the board in which they placed their logo was to remain empty because of high-voltage considerations?
  • Tesla unique in many ways — including supply chain
    PCBs from Tesla are branded with its logo , reflecting the fact that it designs and specs the premium “media control unit” itself, with manufacturing outsourced to an EMS (Electronics Manufacturer Services) company such as Flextronics, Jabil or Foxconn to realize the system …
  • 3D Printing with Delta Printers
    … 271, 273, 288 Bench testing, 141 Blender CAD application, 74–75 Blocked channels, 138 Blue painter’s Tape cost analysis, 12 heated print bed, 16 Kapton heater, 13 manufacturer ’s logo , 12 masking tape, 11 … … heated print bed, 59 PCB , 59 Z-probes, 59 .
  • Makers at Work
    … hardware environment, 269 hardware products, 265 hex standoffs, 276 JTAG debugger, 266 Maker Faire, 267 Mouser order, 276 open-hardware electronics projects, 263 open hardware retailers, 277 open-hardware shop, 265 open-source vision system, 274 PCB manufacturers , 271 pick-and-place … stopwatch application, 104 Sun Microsystems, 99 Logo programming language, 22 Luna-Tik, 66 .
  • Safety critical components traceability
    Best practice for PCB traceability includes label or silkscreen on the PCB with the following information: − Product manufacturer PCB part number. e.g. A1234B) − PCB trademark/co. logo (e.g. UNIC) − Agency certified logo (e.g. UL …
  • CR4 - Thread: Does anyone know the specific use and function of this Rack Mount Type Hipot Fun
    Have you opened the unit up? sometimes, there is identification on the main PCB, usually of the PCB part number, the manufacturer of the PCB would be useless, unless they are still around, and are willing to give that info, the UL94 … … looks unfinished, no nice powder coating, or informational displays on the front, or a manufacturer logo 's.
  • 48-bit LBA problem in 2kpro SP4
    Well, the problem is that the card came with a Maxtor drive, but it's basically a promise card, has a promise chipset onboard, etc, but has Maxtor's logo painted on the PCB . The promise site says they don't support any cards sold under another manufacturer 's name.
  • Bill of Materials - HP Pavilion DM3Z Notebook Computer
    0944 Logo 88 94V-0, E142470, REV:5, 10230283200 http://www.b2b- pcb - manufacturer .com/ .

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