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  • Ionizers and Static Eliminators-Image
    Ionizers and Static Eliminators - (109 companies)
    Static eliminators or static ionizers eliminate static and dust and can neutralize and clean surfaces at remote distances. Static neutralization is a practical method of static reduction; however complete static elimination is not readily attainable...
  • Ball Splines-Image
    Ball Splines - (33 companies)
    Ball splines provide nearly friction-free linear motion while simultaneously transmitting torsional loads. The path of the bearing balls is straight, not helical, which allows for a very efficient coupling device suitable for a variety...
  • Ball Bearings-Image
    Ball Bearings - (677 companies)
    Ball bearings are used to provide smooth, low friction motion in rotary applications. Ball bearings types include radial ball bearings (deep groove and angular contact) and thrust ball bearings. Ball bearings are used to provide smooth, low friction...
    Spline Shafts - (28 companies)
    A spline shafts has grooves or tongues machined along its length for torque transmission or anti-rotation linear guide applications. Spline shafts are mechanical components that provide anti-rotation when functioning as a linear guide or otherwise...
  • Ball Valves-Image
    Ball Valves - (2020 companies)
    Ball valves are quarter-turn, straight-through valves that have a round closure element with matching rounded seats that permit uniform sealing stress. The valve gets its name from the ball that rotates to open and close the valve. Ball valves...
    Ball Screws - (234 companies)
    Ball screws convert rotary motion to linear motion, or torque to thrust, and vice versa. They are primarily a power screw with a train of ball bearings riding between the screw and the nut in a recirculating track. Ball screws convert rotary motion...
    Ball Slides - (95 companies)
    Ball slides are simple linear motion devices that provide smooth linear motion, accurately controlled by the rotation of the drive mechanism. Ball slides are sometimes referred to as ball and rod bearing assemblies, or ball bearing slides. Ball...
    Ball Transfer Units (BTU) - (76 companies)
    Ball transfer units (BTU) are ball transfer table components that consist of a large, load-bearing ball that sits atop smaller balls inside of a hemispherical cup. Ball transfer units (BTU) are ball transfer table components that consist of a large...
    Ball Joints - (18 companies)
    Ball joints are flexible joints consisting of a ball with a protruding stud that has been captured inside an outer housing. They allow simultaneous limited motion in all directions, including rotation as well as angular. Ball joints are flexible...
    Ball Screw Support Bearings - (63 companies)
    Ball screw support bearings are designed for use in ball or lead screw applications. Ball screw support bearings are specially designed for use in ball screw or lead screw applications. Most ball screw support bearings are angular contact bearings...

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  • Effectiveness of Lightning Protection Devices
    In the present study, the tested devices include Franklin Rod, TerraStat models TS 100, TS 400 and Spline Ball Ionizer .
  • Interaction between lightning channel and CTS
    Some of the CTSs other known names are the Spline Ball Ionizer (SBI), Spline Ball Terminal (SBT) and Ion Plasma Generator (IPG) -all are designed to enhance the ability of a lightning rod to collect the strokes.
  • Simulation of energized Franklin rods for lightning protection
    With increasing knowledge of lightning phenomena during the twentieth century, several attempts have been made to improve the classical Franklin lightning rod protection, includ- ing the spline - ball ionizer [1], laser-triggered ionizer [2], [3], radio-activated ionizer [4], [5], and Franklin …
  • Investigation of Lightning Rod Shielding Angle
    With the increasing knowledge of the lightning phenomena during the twentieth century, several attempts have been tried to improve the classical lightning rod protection; including spline - ball ionizer [1], laser-triggered ionizer [2, 3], radioactivated ionizer [4].
  • Validity of the lightning elimination claim
    While not explicitly stated in the LEC-Russian study, this implies that the following types of dissipators are rather useless: the ionizer wires used on power lines (called … … arrays, parapet arrays, trapezoid arrays, and ball dissipators (called Spline Balls and Ion Plasma …
  • Protection zone of the charge transfer system
    And grOillidilig Cunductor connecting the ionizer to tlic grounding that was the o& Among tliose system were llie Dissipation Array System (DAS), tlie Spline Ball loiiizer and Spline Ball Terminal (SEI and SBT), tlic Ion Plasma Generator (IPG), etc..
  • Controlling ESD in Automated Handling Equipment
    Previous to this test, an ionizer It is a Delrin gear that drives a spline shaft. Typical precision radial ball bearings with low torque preloads used in guiding spindle rotation (Theta) were used …
  • Automation Equipment and Systems
    … is the friction between piston rod and the sliding sleeve , F4 is the splined friction on synchronizer … When the locking ball is in the groove of the fork shaft. An enhanced ionizer [J].
  • High voltage technique
    … 0,5 to 1,5 %, according to position and thickness of barriers, strips on one 110 … Thereby, becomes between klassenabhängigen rules (flashing ball radius, mesh size) and klassenunabhängigen rules (cross-sections, materials) distinguished. … surface discharges can be used also for ionization of gases e.g. in ionizers for ventilation systems …
  • 6th World Congress of Biomechanics (WCB 2010). August 1-6, 2010 Singapore
    and spline interpolation was applied to the smoothed curve. Before using, all chitosan nanofiber mats were sterilized in air ionizer . … with powder metallurgy process that employ the mixing of chip and powder with ball milling and the …