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  • Weather Instruments-Image
    Weather Instruments - (323 companies)
    ...with natural wind conditions, while placing temperature or humidity instruments in direct sun often results in inaccurate measurements. The crude drawing below shows a typical weather station setup. This particular station includes three different anemometer...
    Device Classification
    Senses Wind Speed
    Senses Wind Direction
  • Digital Thermometers-Image
    Digital Thermometers - (485 companies)
    ...on a person or if will remain stationary (i.e. home weather station). Explosion proof construction. An explosion proof thermometer is a device that can withstand an explosion of gases within it and prevent the explosion of gases surrounding it due to sparks...
  • Lift Stations-Image
    Lift Stations - (80 companies)
    Leverage. Applications. Lift stations are used in a variety of different situations and applications. Water and Wastewater Systems. Wastewater systems typically use gravity to transport wastewater away from homes and businesses to provide water...
  • Shower and Eye Washing Stations-Image
    Shower and Eye Washing Stations - (164 companies)
    Shower and eye washing stations are used for hand washing and emergency eye and body washing in laboratory, industrial or factory environments. Image Credit: Global Equipment Company. Shower and eye washing stations are used for hand washing...
    Hand Washing Stations - (27 companies)
    Hand Washing Station are stations where a worker or patron can clean and sanitize their hands. These stations are complete assemblies with dispensers and in many cases storage for clean and grey water. Hand washing station are stations where...
    Soldering Irons, Stations, and Accessories - (292 companies)
    Soldering irons, stations and accessories bond two or more metallic surfaces together with a low melting alloy solder such as tin/lead or Sn/Cu/Ni/Ge alloys, which is melted, wets the surface and resolidifies forming a soldered joint. A soldering...
    Load Transfer Stations - (12 companies)
    Load transfer stations are material handling machines that transfer palletized loads to other pallets, slipsheets, or floor loads. Load transfer stations are material handling machines that transfer palletized loads to other pallets, slipsheets...
    Weather Radar Systems - (6 companies)
    Weather radar systems, also called weather surveillance radar and Doppler weather radar, is a type of radar used to locate precipitation, determine precipitation type, and calculate its motion. Weather radar systems locate precipitation, determine...
    Washdown Stations - (19 companies)
    Washdown Stations use the process of high-pressure cleaning with water and or chemicals. Washdown Stations are used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and industrial cleaning. Washdown stations, also called mixing unit stations...
    Pendant Stations - (104 companies)
    Pendant stations are sophisticated, handheld terminals that are used to control robot or machine movements from point to point, within a determined space. They consist of a hanging control console furnished with joysticks, push-buttons or rotary cam...

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  • Descriptive bulletin of telecommunications
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  • Sensor technique
    … thermal conductivity-analysers are and other types Caldos25, Hydros 100, Calomat 6 and Thermor building series GMS800. … together with meters in an analysis cabinet protected in an air-conditioned measuring house or other suitable … … environment, number and states of relevant objects can be the global sizes like weather , illumination etc. this … Base station or further nodes .
  • Modern Magnetic Resonance
    … Canada), has success- fully developed safety-critical robotic systems for the space shuttle and International Space Station . … H spectra of chemicals such as glutamate and glutamine are complex because of home - and heteronuclear couplings … samples produced in years characterized by significantly different weather [81]. Djabourov M. G`elification Thermor `eversible du Syst`eme Eau-G`elatine.
  • Experimental determination of the average coefficient of heat exchange by evaporation in calm air
    … the air that we have mesurSe in the climatic chamber is that of the room without subject. … pressure of water between the penn and the atmosphere, thereby that of the time during which drops … Building Research Station Reput Teehnion Ha ~ fa, Israel (1963) Kerslake, D. Mck.: Arising from the Errors … ASME 44, 325 (1922) Libert, J. P.: Prineipales r ~ ponses thermor ~ gulatrices ~ of the …
  • Hydrographic Bibligraphie
    R. W., Snr l'application de pressions hydrostatiques ~ t of the aimantations thermor~manentes . - S. 2632-34: L eb eau, A., ~ VeiI1, G., Un 6v ~ nement g6ophysiquc d'un of kind nouveau li6 ~ solaire of l ' 6ruption you, 3 juillet et observ6 la of station of antarctique Dumont d'Urville. Heim'ich-Ilertz-Institnt … Washington25, U.S.A.; Dr.M. Rodewald, Dentscher Wettcrdienst 2 Itamburg 4, maritime weather office, Bernhard-Nocht …
  • Seafood Processing By-Products
    Certain other hydrocolloids also have thermor - eversible characteristics, but they generally melt at higher temperatures. The processing of these products involves simple methods used at home or at the cottage industry level … It depends entirely on the intensity of sunlight, the weather , and moisture removal, which relies on air … … science and technology: papers presented at the Jubilee conference of the Torry Research Station , Aberdeen, 23–27 July …
  • World literature
    Station Bull, 7, 33, 1941. Weather -Sun, C. Thomas, Springfield, III. : Sur la "seconde thermor ~gulation and home born children .
  • Handbook of Optical Fibre Sensing Technology
    … on sectors as different as biomedicine, aeronautics, civil engineering, transport, automotive, infonnatics, robotics, environment, health, home , etc. This offers the possibility that a repeater station can be built that requires no local electrical power … … has demonstrated repeatabil- ity, long term stability and accuracy through a variety of weather conditions and has … thermor .:ouplc .
  • Technical area status report for low-level mixed waste final waste forms. Volume 1
    … based concretes are used in the construction business to build side walks, new homes , driveways, highways, bridges … CompatibiliWfVersatilitv Thermosetting polymers are not as versatile as thermor ;lastics because they require chemical reactions for polymerization … .:.-dergoes weathering over decades, to establish the long-term durability of the waste forms. Station , TX 77843 .