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Washdown StationWashdown stations, also called mixing unit stations, use the process of high-pressure cleaning with water and or chemicals. The washdown station media is usually water and more often than not comes with a combination of cold water/hot water mixing unit or cold water/steam mixing unit. The wash down is usually done manually and is designed to remove bacteria, dirt, and other microorganisms.


Washdown stations are used in many industries, including:

  • food and beverage
  • pharmaceuticals
  • industrial cleaning
  • oil and gas
  • mining
  • and many more


Washdown stations are designed to have a mixing valve for hot water or steam to mix with cold water for a desired temperature. Technologies tend to differ. For example, older more conventional washdown stations utilize spool and diaphragm technology, which relies on multiple moving parts. Disadvantages of spool and diaphragm technology are due to the technology operating with multiple moving parts that are prone to premature failure. This is due to mineral deposits and scaling.

Meanwhile, Venturi mixing technology has only one moving part, a thermal actuator within the mixing valve cartridge. Cold water enters one chamber while hot water or steam enters the other. Mixing occurs as the two media collide, thoroughly mixing and heating the water. When at a selected temperature or pressure, media is discharged at high pressure. Having just one moving part ensures the long uninterrupted use of the technology, even if there is a high mineral content in the water. Instead, a scouring action occurs that minimizes the buildup of minerals and scale. However, there are disadvantages of Venturi mixing technology, including high initial costs and high maintenance costs.

Source: ThermOmegaTech/YouTube


Washdown stations are equipped with a hose, spray nozzle, hose rack, and pressure gauge. Generally, the outer material is brass/bronze, chrome, or stainless steel to prevent the formation of rust. Washdown stations are usually wall mounted.


The valve types commonly used for media are:

  • ball valves
  • check valves
  • globe valves
  • mixing valves

Specifications and Features

Specifications to consider when choosing washdown stations are operating pressure, output temperature, flow, hose length, connection size (pipe threading), and material.

Some features included are: thermometers, recessed mounting, and thermostatic temperature control.

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Image source: ThermOmegaTech



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