Soldering Irons, Stations, and Accessories Information

Soldering irons, stations and accessories bond two or more metallic surfaces together with a low melting alloy solder such as tin/lead or Sn/Cu/Ni/Ge alloys, which is melted, wets the surface and resolidifies forming a soldered joint. A soldering iron is a tool with an internal heating element used to heat surfaces being soldered to the point where the solder becomes molten. A soldering station is a complete unit consisting of an electrical power supply and a soldering iron, used for soldering electronic components. There are many types of soldering irons, stations and accessories. Examples include a cordless soldering iron, soldering gun, and a butane soldering iron. A cordless soldering iron is utilized in soldering work, and is much easier to use without the encumbrance and limitation of a cord. A soldering gun is a powerful tool ideal for tasks such as soldering together small metal sheets and tubes. A butane soldering iron is a portable soldering iron tool is powered by butane gas. Other soldering irons, stations and accessories are commonly available.


There are a variety of ways in which soldering irons, stations and accessories function. There are several types of soldering techniques. Examples include resistance soldering, reflow soldering, and hot bar soldering. Resistance soldering is a technique similar to welding where a large electric current is passed through the joint of two metal objects. Reflow soldering involves the melting, joining and solidification of two coated metal layers by the application of heat to the surface and predeposited solder paste. Hot bar soldering is a process in which a heated bar thermode simultaneously solders the metal objects. Soldering and welding equipment can be setup in a variety of positions such as flat, vertical, horizontal, and overhead. Soldering and welding workers may perform manual welding, in which the work is entirely controlled by the welder, or semiautomatic welding, in which the welder uses machinery, such as a wire feeder, to perform welding tasks. Soldering irons, stations and accessories are designed and manufactured to meet most industry specifications.


Soldering irons, stations and accessories are used in many applications. Examples include their use in electronic equipment, cellular phones, satellite navigation systems, electronic consumer goods, automotive dashboards, medical equipment, computer peripherals, and orthodontics. Because of its strength, soldering and welding is used in shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and repair, aerospace applications, and thousands of other manufacturing activities. Soldering irons, stations and accessories is also used to join beams when constructing buildings, bridges, and other structures, and to join pipes in pipelines, power plants, and refineries.