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    Mandrels - (99 companies)
    Mandrels or arbors are tool components that are used to grip or clamp the material being machined or other moving tool components. Some mandrels are shaped bars of metal that are placed inside or next to the workpiece to be machined. These arbors...
    Bell Jars - (20 companies)
    Bell jars are chambers that hold low pressure vacuums for lab work or general display purposes. Bell jars are a small-sized laboratory apparatus for creating low-quality vacuums. The chambers serve to exhibit individual items, as dust covers...
    Core Shafts and Mandrels - (15 companies)
    Core shafts and mandrels (air shafts) are used to handle winding reels in the processing of web-fed materials. They are used with equipment such as continuous-process printing presses. Core shafts and mandrels are similar to the axles on a car...
  • Tube Bending and Pipe Bending Services-Image
    Tube Bending and Pipe Bending Services - (503 companies)
    Tube bending and pipe bending services produce finished parts from tubes and pipes. They perform processes such as CNC bending, hydroforming, mandrel bending, ram bending, roll ending, heat bending, and sand packing. Tube bending and pipe bending...
  • Metal Spinning Services-Image
    Metal Spinning Services - (105 companies)
    ...a positive-pressure process where a rotating tool (lathe) or roller shapes a spinning sheet metal workpiece such as a pipe, camshaft, or crankshaft. Spinning is accomplished by affixing a preform or blank to a mandrel or chuck on the rotating member...
    Fusible Alloys - (15 companies)
    Fusible alloys have low melting points, usually below 300 o F. Many fusible alloys have eutectic compositions. Fusible alloys are used as work holders, electroforming mandrels, tube bending aids, fire sprinkler parts, steam boiler relief plug, resin...
    Audible Alarms - (425 companies)
    Warning sirens. Types of Audible Alarms. Audible alarms are available in several possible types. Air horns (or airhorns) are operated by compressed air. Sirens, often electrically operated, produce a penetrating warning sound. Bells are hollow metal...
    Filament Winding Machines - (33 companies)
    Filament winding machines place or wind continuous fibers on a mandrel surface in a precise geometric pattern. They are central components in fabric and composite material manufacturing. Filament winding machines place or wind continuous fibers...
    Electroforming Services - (28 companies)
    Electroforming services manufacture 2-D and 3-D components which are otherwise not easy to fashion by electrodepositing a thin layer of metal on a mandrel. Electroforming services manufacture 2-D and 3-D components, which are otherwise not easy...
    Grinding Wheels - (512 companies)
    Image Credit: Norton Abrasives. Grinding wheels are used for metal removal, dimensioning, and finishing. They consist of an integral shank, pin, shaft, or mandrel that drives a mounted wheel or blades. Types of Grinding Wheels. There are many types...

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    …sheets 341 blue piere 752 blue star 727, 806 lead bush 114 flower cornices 725 blood eye 303 blood millet 348 blood droplets 82 blood wrangling erich 534 blood wurz 653 bracket beard 806 bracket mandrel 532 fenugreek 812 Bocksorchis 447 bean … 192 Buntkronwicke 739 brush grass 648 Bürstling 570 Burzeldorn 808 Burzelkohl 652 tuft bell 361 tuft grass…
  • Roth painters, excursion flora, of Germany
    Träubel 749 grape mandrel 734 Traubenhyazinthe 749 mourning bell 738 Trautvetteria 145 Trespe 812 Tricyrtis 738 Trient alis 281's Trifolium 356 Trigonella 355. .... Tritonie 724 tassel flower 299 Troll flower 127 Trollius 127 Trommelschlägel 582 drumstick 582 trumpet tongue 455 .
  • Atlas Clinical neuroradiology
    …81 Genant, classification after 326 Gibbs artifact 44 Gibbus Deformität 177 glioblastoma 251 bell thorax 324 Glomustumor … spine syndrome 115 Hanged-man's 83 hemimetamere segment displacement 292 Hemimyelomeningozele 281 of fracture, 283 Hemimyelozele 281, 283 herniation 112 herpes simplex virus 207 lumbago 116 Hiatus sacralis 26 High-intensity-zone 122 back spinous process line 15, 86 rear horn 52 .
  • Butchers lexicon of literary symbols
    Mandrel / mandrel bush / mandrel extraction dragon three triangle Thirteen bagpipe äSackpfeife darkness äNacht boars äSchwein … äStern tissue / thread storm / flash and thunder guitar äLaute glass track bell gold Golem äMaschinenmensch … key äPrimel deer shepherd / ovens wedding cavity / grotto Holunder Homunculus honey horn dog century of…
  • Distinguishing between similar tubular objects using pulse reflectometry: a study of trumpet and cornet leadpipes
    The most visible section of a trumpet is the bell flare, which is attached to a cylindrical section (with a diameter of approximately 11.8 mm) incorporating valves (allowing the musician to play a chromatic scale) and a slide for fine tuning … i.e. forcing an annealed brass tube onto a specially shaped hardened steel mandrel by passing both…
  • Popular names of the drugs salvation herb medicaments and chemicals
    …Fuier = fire Fuipepak · Electuarium Sennae · Electuarium theriacale Fulbeeri · Rhamnus frangula Fulboom · cortex Frangulae Fulholz(rinde), Fûlholt · cortex Frangulae Fulholzrinde · cortex Frangulae Fülifüdesamen · of Semen Colchici Fülifüss · Folia Farfarae horn of plenty flowers · Flores … Fürsten ointment · per Equis Unguentum ophthalmicum compositum Fürstlingsblüten · Flores Millefolii fart bells · Flores Malvae … Tinctura Galangae boom wurz · Rhizoma Galangae Gälhagelbeeren · Fructus Berberidis gal hail mandrel bark · cortex…
  • Vaulter Clinical dictionary
    …chel✫: →Fenchel Foelnulgraelci selmen nt (E fenugreek seed): Syn: fenugreek seeds; s.u. fenugreek Foerster: Otfried Foerster … of the südamerikanischen Coca shrub [Erythroxylum coca] Folia Crataegi: Crataegi folium; s.u. whitethorn , common Folia Cynarae … u. of dreilappiger Greek sage of Folia Scopoliae: Scopoliae carniolicae folium; s.u. bell bilsen herb Folia…
  • Vaulters dictionary medicine
    shear edemas the vein insufficiency, Ulcus cruris, and Hämorrhoiden; in the homeopathy by chronic vein insufficiency and .... the gurkenartigen fruit is dried, one obtains the so-called Luffaschwamm Schwammlkürlbis m: →Schwammgurke that is used .... Fenugreek .
  • Material list of the waistband and federal states
    …pile (whitethorn sheets with flowers): BAnz No. 133, 19.7.1994 Crataegi fructus ( whitethorn fruit): BAnz No … 3.1989 Foeniculi fructus (fennel): BAnz No. 74, 19.4.1991 Foenugraeci semen ( fenugreek seed): BAnz No … 21.8.1985 and BAnz No. 43, 2.3.1989 (correction) Scopoliae rhizoma ( bell bilsen herb rhizome…
  • Dictionary of zoology
    Cystacántha gr, f.,. he of ákantha the mandrel , hook, literally: "bubble-hook", "hook cyst"; that of the … of sulfur in the protein molecule and to find particularly abundantly in the keratin of springs, in … Siphonophora, Hydrozoa, Cnidaria with relatively least polymorphism of the animal sticks, Nectophoren (floating bells ) and Phyllozoide (covering…

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