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Matrix Switching SystemMatrix switching systems route signals such as RF, video, audio, data, and others, from multiple inputs to multiple outputs. A matrix switching system comes in a wide variety of configurations, depending on application, some as large as 1,024 inputs. Some matrix switching systems are modular and can be part of a series of connected components.


Matrix switching systems are used to manage the video input for large video security systems in:

  • airports
  • government buildings
  • research facilities
  • military facilities
  • casinos
  • medical centers

A matrix switcher may function as a standalone device or may be integrated into a network. Other matrix switching systems are designed to be networked with other matrix switchers to expand the system or create a distributed architecture.


Matrix switching systems are also used in radio frequency (RF) and audio applications. Audio matrix switching systems can be configured to use several different types of connectors for the audio input, including solid state complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) contacts or hermetically sealed reed switches, fed by wire or coaxial cable. RF input type matrix switching systems are configured based on the range of radio frequencies the switch can handle. RF input matrix switchers can also be configured with a plug-in assembly that allows it to be swapped out for a new RF input assembly or for a video input assembly.

Matrix switching systems that use reed switches for connector contacts may also use other types of magnetically actuated switches, including a bistable magnetic switch. Magnetic switches are also used frequently to count the rotations in an anemometer. An anemometer magnetic switch is mounted to the top of the meter and is activated by a small magnet fastened to the shaft of the wind meter. When the shaft turns and the magnet passes the mounted switch, the magnet switch quickly closes, registering one rotation in the meter. The anemometer magnetic switch opens again as the magnet on the shaft moves away.

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