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Calibration software is used to produce documentation h test equipment calibration results. It is also used to produce calibration reports and calibration certificates. In addition, calibration management software provides database functions such as lookups of calibration procedures and calibration services.


Calibration Software Applications

Calibration software generates value-added services to companies by reducing downtime of critical assets, expanding mean-time between repairs (MTBR), and increasing productivity. Common users of calibration software include:

  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical firms
  • Providers of power and energy
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Private organizations that conduct safety standards testing
  • Government organizations that conduct safety standards testing

Calibration Software Functions

Users implement such applications to monitor everything from temperature and thermodynamic outputs to fluid flow rates, pressures, and chemical mixtures.


Calibration management software is typically designed for deployment on single-workstation systems and portable devices, or across closed network systems. This allows the software to be used for monitoring processes involving electrical, electronic, computerized, and robotic manufacturing managed through calibration workstations and test benches.


Calibration Certificates

Calibration certificate acquisition is also an important part of the calibration management process for most corporations. Calibration certification applicable to adequate calibration management software includes the


  • Good manufacturing process (cGMP) standards for drug and food preparation as issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and associated record keeping under CFR 21
  • Standards in calibration services as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17025 specification.

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The more detailed documentation and database interface functionality of calibration management software largely depends on the type of calibration required. The user requirements are very detailed in different industries, and practices are more stringently regulated on calibration of machined parts in public transportation industries, and measurements during food and drug preparation, then say on local machining and internal test equipment manufacturers.

Software Features

Calibration software suppliers are typically highly specialized in a given industry. Some vendors write basic software to comply with a variety of different industries and then provide customized packages depending on customer requirements. As such, this integrates software development with calibration services and tends to make much of the commercially-available calibration management software relatively expensive.

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