Tool Boxes and Tool Cabinets Information

Tool boxes and cabinets are enclosed cases for storing, organizing, and carrying tools. They are also used to protect tools from outside weather elements.


Tool boxes and cabinets are generally constructed with plastic and/or metal materials. Drawers can be included and can sometimes be removed completely for easy access and refilling. Most tool cabinets and boxes have handles for lifting and moving and slots for labeling.

Types of Tool Boxes and Cabinets

There are many different styles of tool boxes and cabinets which can be classified based on the materials of construction. The most common materials used for construction are steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic.

  • Steel designs are the most durable of all tool box and cabinet types. They provide exceptional strength and longevity and are easy to care for.
  • Aluminum tool boxes and cabinets are popular because they are light weight, relatively durable, and have good corrosion resistance. Aluminum tool boxes are commonly found in pickup truck beds.
  • Plastic tool boxes are useful for their noncorrosive characteristics, light weight, and lower cost. Plastic may be less durable than metals, but it will resist rises in temperature (making plastic convenient for handle construction). Plastic has the advantage of allowing for transparency and it can also be easily cleaned with soap and water. They are ideal for recreational use.
  • Stainless steel tool boxes utilize stainless steel alloy which is lighter weight and more corrosion resistant than standard grade steel. Boxes and cabinets with this material are used in residential and commercial garages, race environments, and other applications. Stainless steel tool boxes and cabinets are intended for clean room and anti-corrosive environments due to their strength and wear-resistance properties. They tend to cost more than standard steel designs.

Tool cabinets and boxes also utilize other types of materials in their construction, including wood for more decorative products.


Tool boxes and cabinets usually consist of an individual or group of drawers or cribs for storage and organization of tools, which may also be ergonomic and allow for growth and adjustments. The addition of rollers on boxes and cabinets, especially large ones, allows for portability in home or work environments.


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