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Drawer slidesDrawer slides use guides, bearings, or rollers to support drawers and facilitate their motion. They provide smooth action and high lateral stability. There are many different types of drawer slides. Examples include:

  • heavy duty drawer slides
  • ball bearing drawer slides
  • full extension drawer slides
  • plastic drawer slides


A heavy duty drawer slide is made of stainless steel, plated cold-rolled steel, or hard anodized aluminum. Its load carrying capacity ranges from 200 to 230 lbs. A heavy duty drawer slide or industrial drawer slide is also made of steel or aluminum materials. Cross-section type and load-carrying capacities vary by product. A full extension drawer slide is made of chromate steel with precision ball bearings. A full extension drawer slide is a telescopic full extension slide with cushioned in and out stops and positive hold-in detent. A ball bearing drawer slide is made of zinc-plated steel and is non-handed with head screws. Front and rear mounting brackets may be included. A plastic drawer slide is self-lubricating and designed to align drawers on wooden tracks. Other types of drawer slides are also available.


Selecting drawer slides requires an analysis of product specifications. Most drawer slides glide on high-quality metal sliders that are equipped with stainless steel bearings. Drawer slide hardware consists of:

  • sockets
  • hinges
  • self-closing mechanisms

A stainless steel T-handle lock allows users to open and close a drawer slide with relative ease. A drawer guide provides for the smooth opening and closing of drawers. Drawer guides are the metal tracks to which drawer slides are attached. Full-extension ball bearing drawer slides are available in sizes ranging from 16 in. to 24 in. and have a load bearing capability of 100 lbs. A plastic drawer slide is suitable for light-duty applications and has a load-bearing capacity of 50 lbs. Other specifications for drawer slides include length, width, and depth.

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