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DescriptionRelay test equipment


Relay test equipment are devices designed to test various aspect of relay operation, most often for safety relays to ensure they are functioning correctly.




Relay test equipment are devices and testers to ensure that relays are operating correctly. There are many different kinds of relays, such as; electromechanical, solid state, digital, safety relays, protection relays as well as others. These relays perform the basic function of connecting and disconnecting electrical power, which can be DC, or AC either single or three phase power. The test equipment ensures that the relays will connect and disconnect the load from the power source as they are intended to. For protection relays this also means they need to disconnect at certain fault situations.

Relay test equipmentTo perform these tests the equipment will apply power to a relay, and tests various aspects such as the current, voltage , contact resistance, switching time, frequency, and perhaps simulate a fault, as well as other tests. These tests results are then provided to determine if the relay is function as it is supposed to. Some equipment will perform these tests automatically while other equipment requires the operator to perform various operations to complete the tests. Once the test is complete the results can be provided in any number of ways such as on a display screen, via analog meters, printed out or sent as data to a computer.




BS 5992-5 - Specification for test equipment used in endurance tests for electrical relay contacts




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