Hose, pipe, and tubing accessories make up the infrastructure necessary to convey all manner of materials in a process line.

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Air Knives (40 suppliers)

Air Knives are pressurized air plenums containing a series of holes or continuous slots through which pressurized air exits in a laminar flow pattern. The exit air velocity then creates an impact air velocity that can range from a gentle breeze to a powerful stream.
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Fittings and Flanges (5,329 suppliers)

Fittings and flanges are used to connect pipe, tube, hose and similar structures.

Flow orifices and flow restrictors contain precision-machined holes and filters or screens to restrict flow and reduce pressure. They are available as stand-alone devices and in kits, assemblies, restrictors, and restrictor valves.
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Fluid Feedthroughs (30 suppliers)

Fluid feedthroughs use a hermetic seal to transmit fluids through the walls of a pressurized or vacuum system. Devices include nitrogen, air, and water feedthroughs.
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Fueling nozzles and receptacles are components that attach to either the fuel source or the receiving tank to permit the transfer of liquid or gaseous fuels. They are designed for use with fuel dispensing equipment.
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Hose clamps, hose clips and band clamps are used to secure hose or flexible tubing to a fitting. The clamp is placed around the hose, directly over the fitting. As the clamp is tightened, it clamps the inner diameter of the hose to the fitting or barb.
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Nozzles (628 suppliers)

Nozzles alter and control the stream or spray pattern of a fluid in a spray coating or dispensing system.
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Pipe and Duct markers are adhesive-backed or snap-around markers that are attached to pipes or ducts in order to identify the contents and indicate the direction of flow.
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Pipe hangers and pipe supports are used to support hanging pipe.  They include clevis hangers, beam clamps, pipe clamps, brackets and pipe straps.
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Pipe Transits (22 suppliers)

Pipe transits are bulkhead or barrier modules allowing pipe, tubing, or other conduit to pass through, while providing various levels of sealing, strain relief, and damage protection, depending on the application requirements.
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Rupture discs and burst discs are designed to open and relieve overpressure, high temperature, or vacuum conditions at a predetermined differential pressure or specific temperature. They may be thermally or mechanically actuated.
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Spray Shields (13 suppliers)

Spray shields are used to protect workers and sensitive equipment from leaking flanges and pipe joints.
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