From Implementing 802.11 with Microcontrollers: Wireless Networking for Embedded Systems Designers

There are times when the old brain works well with the hands. I've been reading nonstop since January a year ago now in preparation to write the text you've been reading in this book. For the past few months I've been concentrating on some additional 802.11b hardware ideas that I could turn into yet another working variant of the AirDrop series. All of that thinking and reading resulted in a finished piece of 802.11b hardware coupled with a slightly different set of 802.11b firmware routines. As always, my goal along with getting on an 802.11b wireless LAN is to keep it all as simple as possible. So, here we go..

The New Experimental AirDrop Hardware

As you can see in Photo 16.1, I'm sticking with the original TRENDnet TEW-222CF-compatible CompactFlash 802.11b interface and matching up an Xterasys CWB1K NIC with an Atmel ATmega128L. I'll stray from the convention of posting the AirDrop 802.11b driver source lines in the text here as the entire AirDrop 802.11b driver source code library for the experimental AirDrop module is included for your review on the CDROM that accompanies this book. You have already seen 99% of the experimental AirDrop 802.11b driver code in the previous chapters of this book. There are very few modifications and additions to the production AirDrop code in the experimental version.

Photo 16.1: The design in Photo 16.1 is a variant of the production AirDrop-A. The board was lengthened a bit to accommodate the 128K SRAM and its latch.


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