From Practical Production Control: A Survival Guide for Planners and Schedulers

Predigested Thoughts for the Busy Person

  • Excellent execution in production control results in a boring job.

  • Get the basics down first. Before doing advanced manufacturing or production control you need to know, and be able to describe, what you want to control and be able to deal with things manually, repeatedly, and in a predictable fashion.

  • Production control is the heart of the plant and requires monitoring and control for blood flow, heart rate, and cholesterol. If you ignore it, your firm will have frequent heart attacks and strokes.

Final Thoughts

This book has been largely about the bad and the ugly. It is a survival guide for schedulers who find themselves in a challenging situation. Although we have not talked too much about the good life planners and schedulers have in factories that do not resemble Jake s, we have tried to give suggestions and strategies for how to improve your planning and scheduling.

Does your current production control situation sound like the reverse of Jake s? Is your day nice and relaxing? Do you consider your job to be a walk in the park? If you answered yes to these questions, you are in the good category and do not need many tips on survival. Especially if the firm is making money. You probably do not need to apply too much of this book. You are surviving. We know of factories and situations where very few of the Jake issues we describe exist. They are considered crown jewels in the...

Products & Services
Manufacturing Execution System Software (MES)
Manufacturing execution system (MES) software is used to manage and monitor work-in-process on the factory floor. MES software supports activities such as finite scheduling, workflow monitoring, and materials management.
Plant Management Software
Plant management software is used to manage the daily activities and long-term operations of industrial facilities.
Blades (wind turbine)
Wind turbine blades are air-foil shaped blades that harness wind energy and drive the rotor of a wind turbine.
Jewel Bearings, Jewels, and Pivots
Jewel bearings, jewels and pivots are miniature components used in instruments and controls requiring low friction, long life and non-magnetic properties.
Calipers typically use a precise slide movement for inside, outside, depth or step measurements. Some caliper types are used for comparing or transferring dimensions.

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