From Handbook of Solvents, Second Edition

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Potassium hydroxide
absorbent, acid gases
2-Aminobutanol; Dimethylamine; Hisolve MDM; Methyldiethanolamine
absorbent, baby food
absorbent, diet food
absorbent, gas scrubbing
absorbent, health food
absorbent, ion exchange
Sodium silicoaluminate
absorbent, NO x
absorbent, organic synthesis
absorbent, sports food
absorption promoter
Imwitor 742
absorption promoter, cosmetics
Glyceryl caprate; Imwitor 408; Imwitor 412
absorption promoter, fat-soluble vitamins
Lutrol E 1500; Lutrol E 3350; Lutrol E 4000; Lutrol E 6000
absorption promoter, oral pharmaceuticals
absorption promoter, pharmaceuticals
Lauryl pyrrolidone; Surfadone LP-300
absorption promoter, rectal pharmaceuticals
Imwitor 408; Imwitor 412; Labrasol
absorption promoter, sl. water-soluble pharmaceuticals
absorption promoter, steroids
Lutrol E 1500; Lutrol E 3350; Lutrol E 4000; Lutrol E 6000; PEG-125
absorption promoter, topical pharmaceuticals
Imwitor 408
absorption promoter, topical, pharmaceuticals
Imwitor 412
absorption promoter, topicals
absorption promoter, water-insoluble pharmaceuticals
absorption promoter, water-insoluble/ poorly soluble pharmaceuticals
Lutrol E 1500; Lutrol E 3350; Lutrol E 4000; Lutrol E 6000
absorption, HNO 3
N-Cyclohexyl pyrrolidone
absorption, SO 2
N-Cyclohexyl pyrrolidone
Diphenyl sulfone; Sulfur
accelerator, absorption: topical active substances
Soluphor P
accelerator, catalyst: unsat. polyesters
accelerator, curing: coatings
Methanesulfonic acid
accelerator, curing: unsat. polyester resins
accelerator, diffusion: polyester disperse dyes
Burcolev DLS
accelerator, dyeing
1,2-Butylene carbonate; Ethylene carbonate; Propylene carbonate
accelerator, epoxy resin hardening
Epiol M-0
accelerator, food: crosslinked polyesters
Benzyl trimethyl ammonium chloride; N,N-Dimethylaniline
accelerator, hardening: epoxies
accelerator, polymerization
accelerator, rubber
Aniline; n-Butyraldehyde; Crotonaldehyde; Cyclohexylamine; Ethyl morpholine; Isoquinoline; 2,6-Lutidine; N-Nitrosodimethylamine; Paraldehyde; Triethanolamine; Triethylamine

Products & Services
Primers and Adhesion Promoters
Primers and adhesion promoters are applied to a substrate to enhance the bond strength between a surface coating (e.g., clear coats, adhesives) and the substrate.
Absorbents and Adsorbents
Absorbents and adsorbents are minerals or chemicals that can capture liquids or gases.
Mortars and Pestles
Mortar and pestle sets are used to crush, grind, and mix small solids or slurries. The mortar has the shape of a small, heavy walled cup. The pestle looks like a miniature baseball bat, the end of which is used for crushing or grinding.
Property Testing Equipment
Property testers are used to determine various physical properties of samples, including cloud point, distillation, flash point, freezing point, melting point, pour point, and vapor pressure.
Environmental Testing and Analysis Services
Environmental testing and analytical services provide testing of environmental samples such as soil, water, air, and industrial wastes or byproducts.

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