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MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - Enabling 5G From Start to Finish

MacDermid Alpha has high reliability material solutions for electronic assemblies used in a broad range of 5G related equipment; from wearable and handheld mobile devices to antennas and high speed infrastructure hardware. Download new brochure. (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - ALPHA® Pot Rite® Premium Solder Analysis Service

The ALPHA Pot Rite Service throughly analyzes samples taken from solder pots, soldering machines, and selective soldering systems at our ISO 17025 accredited lab with traceability to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - Systek UVF 100 copper electroplating system

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions has released Systek UVF 100, a single step micro via filling and fine line plating process for 2 in 1 RDL applications. This product is part of the larger Systek family of IC Substrate manufacturing solutions. (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - Alpha Products for Mobile and Handheld Devices

Bring your most innovative designs to market with the lightweight strength and reliability that only Alpha performance materials can provide. Our comprehensive experience on the assembly line, combined with intensive research and development, has resulted in the customized solutions for complex circuitry of the industry (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - Copper Surface Preparation Solutions

Our Surface Preparation Solutions for both innerlayer and outerlayer cleaning address the challenges confronted by PCB fabricators, including the complex processing of increased layer counts, as well as the demands posed by harsh mechanical cleaning methods. (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - Alpha® Solder Pastes

Alpha® offers a full line of technologically advanced solder pastes developed to provide high throughput and yield, and lowest cost of ownership for a wide range of applications. (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - Resist Strippers and Developers

The UltraStrip product line represents our most advanced, high-performance photoresist strippers. UltraStrip formulas have been optimized for over 50 different resists on the market today. The UltraStrip RS-215 Resist Stripping System is designed to strip fully-aqueous dry film photoresists from printed circuit boards. (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - Tape and Reel Solder Preforms

ALPHA® Exactalloy® Preforms in tape and reel packaging are used with solder paste to selectively increase solder volume using standard pick and place equipment.

The preform is placed directly into the solder paste prior to assembly reflow. Alpha Solder Preform Tape & Reel packaging provides you with a time-to-market advantage, solving y... (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - ALPHA® OM-550 Low Temperature Solder Paste

Non-Eutectic, Low Temperature, Pin Testable, Solder Paste for
Motherboard Assemblies with High Warpage Chips (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - Void Reduction Solutions

Void reduction is complex. A number of factors contribute to void generation, so in order to address this common problem, Alpha is focused on understanding all the variables. (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - ALPHA® AccuFlux™ BTC-578 Solder Preforms

Alpha Assembly Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, has recently introduced ALPHA® AccuFlux™ BTC-578 Solder Preforms, designed to enhance reliability and heat transfer through the reduction of voiding under bottom termination components (BTC). (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - ALPHA® tensoRED®

ALPHA® tensoRED® Master Tensioning Frame is the latest development in Alpha’s stencil range of state-of-the-art printing stencils. ALPHA® tensoRED® has been designed to reduce the total cost of ownership of stencils compared to other systems by creating tension without the need of air pressure being applied to t... (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - Sinter Silver for Die and Package Attachment

Alpha is extremely well positioned for the growing trend towards increased electrification of the automotive powertrain, enabling the highest efficiency power electronics, while achieving a reduced form factor, lower cost and an unprecedented increase in reliability. (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - ALPHA® PowerBond® Solder Preforms

ALPHA® PowerBond® Solder Preforms are based on a family of lead-free, high-reliability alloys with Antimony (Sb) content ranging from 5-10%. They are well suited for automotive and power semiconductor applications. (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - Alpha's Automotive Electronics Product Technology

Alpha advances automotive electronics technology - Our goal is to help you improve automotive electronics reliability and reduce your warranty costs. (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions -  MacuSpec THF 100

MacuSpec THF 100 is a single step copper through hole filling process that enables improved thermal and structural designs for IC substrates. (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - ALPHA® TrueHeight™ Spacer Blocks

ALPHA® TrueHeight™ Spacer Blocks are burr free, non-collapse copper discs coated with a barrier layer of nickel, and finish coated with flash gold. TrueHeight™ Spacer Blocks are designed to be automatically placed and reflowed onto a printed circuit board pad printed with a nominal amount of solder paste. (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - Alpha Recycling Services for Solder Waste

Alpha provides electronics assemblers safe, efficient solder recycling services which will help them meet environmental and legislative requirements while maximizing the return on their solder dross, scrap and solder paste waste. (read more)

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - ALPHA® Stencil Fabrication Services

ALPHA® Stencil products are based on unique blends of advanced technology, the experience gained from having made over half a million solder paste stencils, the specialist knowledge that could only be accumulated by a company privileged to produce both solder pastes and printing stencils… all combined with a genuine will to meet your most stringent delivery expectations. (read more)

News articles and press releases for MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions:


The Assembly Solutions division of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, promotes its ALPHA SnCX Plus 07 silver free and lead free wave solder alloy as a new solution for moderately complex assemblies.


At the SMTA Philly Chapter Meeting, Jason Fullerton of MacDermid Alpha will present on Solder Alloys & Greg Smith of BlueRing Stencils will present on Root Cause Stencil Design. Held on March 12, 2020. See for details.


Dr. Kesheng Feng, Research Director for Metallization, will be presenting Embedded Trace & RDL Copper Plating Process for Panel Level Packaging Applications, on Tuesday, March 3 at 3:00pm.


MacDermid Alpha’s team from their Circuitry & Semiconductor divisions will be at booth #33/34 to discuss the challenges the semiconductor manufacturing sector faces as technology continues to push the limits of performance and miniaturization.