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Parts by Number for Insulation Jacket Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1410425 Allied Electronics, Inc. SAB NORTH AMERICA Not Provided BiHF-J high temeprature silicon cable 14/4c CE Besilen ® insulation and jacket
1410460 Allied Electronics, Inc. SAB NORTH AMERICA Not Provided BiHF-J high temeprature silicon cable 10/4c CE Besilen ® insulation and jacket
1470740 Allied Electronics, Inc. SAB NORTH AMERICA Not Provided BiHF/GL-J high temeprature silicon cable 12/7c CE Besilen ® insulation and jacket

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    n General Cable's R&D department, a team of physicists, chemists, polymer scientists and mechanical engineers develop insulation and jacket materials for its wiring products to satisfy tightening regulations and customer demands. The group relies on its Indianapolis Technology Center to develop
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    of both the conductor insulation and the outer jacket. The insulation and jacket of Chainflex CF.INI are made from flexible, anti-abrasive thermoplastic polyester containing fire retardants for increased resistance. It also has a non-porous TPE outer jacket that provides superior chemical resistance
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    support in certain short-travel applications. However, in a long-travel, gliding or demanding-flex application, they tend to fatigue and their insulation and jacket compounds lose their tensile and elongation properties. This greatly reduces service life. As these materials break down, the flexible