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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1410425 Allied Electronics, Inc. SAB NORTH AMERICA Not Provided BiHF-J high temeprature silicon cable 14/4c CE Besilen ® insulation and jacket
1410460 Allied Electronics, Inc. SAB NORTH AMERICA Not Provided BiHF-J high temeprature silicon cable 10/4c CE Besilen ® insulation and jacket
1470740 Allied Electronics, Inc. SAB NORTH AMERICA Not Provided BiHF/GL-J high temeprature silicon cable 12/7c CE Besilen ® insulation and jacket
2888L Allied Electronics, Inc. OLYMPIC WIRE & CABLE Not Provided Cable, Multiconductor; 3C; 18AWG; 7x26;0.188 in. dia.;PVC insulation/jacket
5501FE 0081000 Allied Electronics, Inc. BELDEN WIRE AND CABLE Not Provided Multi-Conductor;comm. audio; 22awg;pp insulation;beldfoil shield; pvc jacket
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  • Key Properties of Conductor Insulation and Jacket Materials
    Virginia Plastics is not responsible for its accuracy or reliability. All materials are available in multiple grades, which can have varying properties. Virginia Plastics does not warrant the suitability of a material for a specific application, and the customer should perform their own testing to
  • Compounding Cable Covering in a Rotary Mixer
    General Cable produces insulation and jacket materials for wiring products by blending temperature-sensitive thermoplastic resin pellets with solid and liquid additives in a rotary batch mixer from Munson Machinery.
  • Chainflex Cables Available With Over-Molded Connectors
    of both the conductor insulation and the outer jacket. The insulation and jacket of Chainflex CF.INI are made from flexible, anti-abrasive thermoplastic polyester containing fire retardants for increased resistance. It also has a non-porous TPE outer jacket that provides superior chemical resistance
  • Expanded PTFE Polymer Keeps Electrical and Electronics Cables Clean and Flexible
    insulation to sliding surfaces since its discovery in 1938. These same characteristics let PTFE and its expanded derivatives (ePTFE) work well in cables for today's demanding, high-flex, low-downtime applications. The materials can give cables long flex-life, extra strength, better signal transmission
  • Jacketing Insulations
    JACKETS - Applied over primary insulation, shields, cable components or over the cable itself, Includes many of the primary insulating materials, containing nylon, neoprene, hypalon, ethylene-propylene rubber, polyurethane, etc. Jackets cover and protect the enclosed wires or core against damage