Complete Machine / Turnkey System Degreasers and Degreasing Equipment Datasheets

Grease Monkey Classic -- GMC-1818
from Cleaning Technologies Group

Automotive parts washer, solvent free, high performance [See More]

  • Process & Machine Type: Heated Cleaning Solution; Ultrasonic Cleaner; (CompleteSystem)
  • Tank Capacity: 25
  • Components: Cabinet or Tunnel Enclosure; Heater; Pump; Filtration System or Oil Separator; Wash Tank or Sump Tub; Ultrasonic Generator; Ultrasonic Transducer
  • Frequency: 40
Flow Through Washer -- 12FTW
from LS Industries

Features: Insulated 300 gallon wash solution tank. High volume spray manifolds. Pump / manifold system for higher impact and faster, more thorough cleaning. Electric immersion heaters (gas heat is optional) - Thermostat temperature control. Heaters are sized to minimize heat-up time and maintain a... [See More]

  • Process & Machine Type: Aqueous Cleaning System; Pressure Spray Washer; (CompleteSystem)
  • Tank Capacity: 300
  • Components: Cabinet or Tunnel Enclosure; Heater
  • Source: Electric
Custom Washer -- Custom
from Rapid Engineering

For the pretreatment of aluminum and steel parts [See More]

  • Process & Machine Type: Pressure Spray Washer; (CompleteSystem)
  • Source: Electric
  • Components: Cabinet or Tunnel Enclosure; Pump; Wash Tank or Sump Tub; PLC Controls
  • Part Loading: Conveyor; Continuous Loading or Feed
Agitating Parts Washer Model 81 -- Part # 45
from Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.

Air-operated platform lowers for soaking & agitating soiled parts [See More]

  • Process & Machine Type: Solvent or Solvent Vapor Cleaning System; (CompleteSystem)
  • Tank Capacity: 77
  • Components: Mechanical Agitator or Vibrator; Brushes; Pump
  • Source: Air Power