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  • DC Motors-Image
    DC Motors - (1175 companies)
    DC motors are most commonly used in variable speed and torque applications. They include brushless and gear motors, as well as servomotors. How to Select DC Motors. Image Credit: Dart Controls, Inc.; Galil Motion Control; Stock Drive Products...
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    Variable Air Volume (VAV) Units - (24 companies)
    Variable Air Volume (VAV) Units Information. Variable air volume (VAV) units are manufactured assemblies of air valves and dampers contained in a single enclosure. As HVAC system components, they regulate airflow to a room or zone in response...
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  • Motor Controllers-Image
    Motor Controllers - (762 companies)
    ...efficiency. There are two basic types of controllers: electronic and electromechanical. Electronic units are very sophisticated and include features such as soft starting and variable frequency drives. Electronic units can be programmed to respond...
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  • AC Motors-Image
    AC Motors - (1330 companies)
    ...making speed control and calculations simpler. In most AC motors, the speed is determined by the frequency of the power and adjusted using a variable frequency drive which changes the frequency of the supplied power. In general, AC motors are cheaper...
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  • Resistors-Image
    Resistors - (822 companies)
    ...or they may be variable or adjustable within a certain range. As passive components, resistors can only reduce voltage or current signals and cannot increase them. Understanding Resistors. Resistance. The resistance of an element measures its...
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    Motor Speed Controllers - (198 companies)
    Choices for direct current (DC) motors include. Brushed motors. Brushless motors. Servomotors. Drive-type categories for stepper motors include. Unipolar stepper. Bipolar stepper. Permanent magnet stepper. variable reluctance stepper. Hybrid stepper...
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    Resistor, Capacitor Networks - (139 companies)
    Definition. Resistor, capacitor networks (RC networks) are integrated circuits (ICs) that contain resistor-capacitor arrays in a single chip. Applications. Some resistor, capacitor networks are used to suppress transmission-line effects on high...
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    Variable Transmissions - (99 companies)
    Variable transmissions are used in industrial applications to alter the speed of an output shaft. Variable Transmissions Information. Variable transmissions are a broad category of products applying to any industrial transmission powering machinery...
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    Air Cylinders - (663 companies)
    Air cylinders are pneumatic linear actuators that are driven by a pressure differential in the cylinder's chambers. They may be single-acting (with a spring return) or double-acting. Air cylinders are pneumatic linear actuators driven by pressure...
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    Capacitor Assembly Machines - (5 companies)
    Capacitor assembly machines are used to manufacture capacitors, passive electronic components that store energy in the form of an electrostatic field. In their simplest form, capacitors consist of two conducting plates separated by an insulating...
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  • Rapid Gasoline Powertrain System Design and Evaluation Using a Powertrain Starter Kit
    … in GPTA) HW Hardware I/O Input or Output IAT Intake Air Temperature IGBT Insulated Gate … … Modulation PSK Powertrain Starter Kit PTC Positive Temperature Coefficient … … Filter RC Resistor and Capacitor (filter) RDSon Drain Source … … Universal Serial Bus VRS Variable Reluctance Sensor Devices Used …
  • RF VCO tuning using MEMS piezoelectric actuated variable inductors
    The frequency tuning of the two VCOs is done as fol- lows: for VCOA coarse tuning is performed via the variable inductor and fine tuning is performed via an … … tuning is performed via a 3-bit switchable capacitor bank (C2 = 1.4 … In VCOB a fixed 1.83 nH air core inductor from the design kit was used.
  • Federal Register > Monday, May 13, 2013 > [78 FR 27951] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 75-Phoenix, Arizona; Notification of Proposed Production Activity; Honeywell A...
    assemblies; air-turbine pump systems; lubrication pump assemblies; turbine engine pumps; lube pump shafts; turbine stators; vacuum test equipment; fan assemblies; air compressors; cabinet fans; cooling packs; duct temperature … … cooler fans; filter assemblies; oil filter install kits ; cartridge screens; filter housings … CRT display units; circuit card assemblies; ceramic capacitors ; capacitors; aluminum electrolytic capacitors; ceramic, surface-mounted capacitors; mica capacitors; resistors; fixed-film resistors; linear variable -resistor assemblies; variable-resistor assemblies; resistor assemblies; angular potentiometers; temperature sensors/resistors; printed circuit boards; switch assembly actuators; contacts …
  • Material Sciences and Technology
    … structure would offer many application possibilities not only in the adsorption and separation of large biomolecules whose molecular sizes are too large to enter micropores but also in electrical double layer capacitors , gas separation, catalysis, water and air purification and energy storage … … from mesoporous silica templates such as MCM-48, SBA-1, SBA-15 and KIT -5 using sucrose … … reported the preparation of hexagonal and cage-type mesoporous carbons (carbon nanocages) with variable pore diameters using …
  • Smart Air Handler using ProMPT™ and the PIC18F2539
    The PIC18F2539 microcontroller is a natural choice for adding variable speed control to an air handler application. The ProMPT™ Single Phase Induction Motor Control Evaluation Kit functions as an effective platform for application development. It can be used to control shaded pole and permanent magnet split capacitor type motors.
  • Electrical measurement
    DIAdem 633 ff version 8 631 ff regenerate Windows 634 charging capacitor 358 charging operation of 358 clocked 358 charge 14 charge compensation-converters … … knife power measurement 128, 219 ff Least 47 ff of functions 38 variables 109 Laplace-transfer function … … 297, 515 positive 297, 515 LON (Local Operating Network) 583 Lorentz force 164 air chamber attenuation 135 …
  • mysql-wn-data.sql (\
    … 'calcium-cyanamide'),(19294,'calculable'),(19295,'calculate'),(19296,'calculated'),(19297,'calculating'),(19298,'calculating machine'),(19299,'calculatingly'),(19300,'calculation'),(19301,'calculative'),(19302,'calculator'),(19303,'calculous'),(19304,'calculus'),(19305,'calculus of variations '),(19306,'calcutta'),(19307 … … 19539,'calm'),(19540,'calm air '),(19541,'calm down' … … 20203,'capaciousness'),(20204,'capacitance'),(20205,'capacitance unit'),(20206,'capacitate'),(20207,'capacitive'),(20208,' capacitor '),(20209,'capacitor … … 21155,'carpenter'),(21156,'carpenter ant'),(21157,'carpenter bee'),(21158,'carpenter\'s hammer'),(21159,'carpenter\'s kit '),(21160,'carpenter\'s …
  • Optimising the Design of 77GHz LNAs
    … the design method and the advantages created by utilizing a next generation design kit which allows greater … … how designers can readily compute and compare the design trade offs associated with varying unique elements of … … PH15 Process and LNA Design The 77GHz LNA was realized on the PH15 process from UMS, which consists of a 0.1 Smicron pHEMT GaAs process, Schottky diodes, Metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors , TaN and TiWSi resistors, air bridges, 1 OOum thinning …
  • Dubbel
    … tubes D 33 capacitor I 7 V 8, V 5, -, discharged heat flux D 24 -, rotary capacitor I 8 -, adjustable capacitor I 8 -, solid capacitor I 8 -, air capacitors I 7 -, parasitic capacitances … … edges S 69 continuous variable transmission Q 48 continuity … … 112 -, cost position account S 112 -, cost carrier account S 112 -, machine hourly rate account S 114 …
  • Bases of electrical engineering and electronics 2
    (c) Differently variable capacitors A plate capacitor ( air as dielectric) with movable electrode transforms the electrical energy in mechanical and vice … For the arrangement as closed system, holds true (source, capacitor) after the energy set .

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