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  • Bearing maintenance tools enhance sustainability with rotating equipment
    , minimized environmental assaults, and reduced carbon and other emissions. Power Transmission | Bearing maintenance tools enhance sustainability with rotating equipment — Reliability goes green for rotating equipment: Four innovations can help you meet sustainability goals | Plant Services. Log InRegister
  • Medical Device Link .
    to refine macrostructure and impart strength. Three cobalt-chromium-molybdenum (Co-28Cr-6Mo) wrought alloys are covered under ASTM F1537 and used for orthopedic medical implants. Of the three, the lowest- carbon (0.14% max) alloy 1 (UNS R31537) has been used most often. This alloy has been
  • U.S. Patents | April 2006 | A B T |
    (20060207), Compression ignition engine by air injection from air-only cylinder to adjacent air-fuel cylinder, John L. Loth and Gary J. Morris. U.S. 6,994,178 (20060207), On-vehicle structure of fuel cell system to produce hydrocarbons having a selected carbon number range, Minobu Mizuno, Toyota Jidosha
  • Survey Says: Clean for Safety and Profitability (.pdf)
    is necessary to collect and retain particles down to. contamination. 0.12 microns. In addition, it is absolutely critical that the. HEPA filter be installed after the motor in order for it to. properly filter the exhaust stream. The motor’s commutator. and carbon brushes generate dust, and if the exhaust
  • Industrial Hygiene Report: Control of Organic Solvent Vapors (Isopropyl Alcohol) (.pdf)
    containing the adsorption media. (such as activated carbon) and exhausts the air into the room. The filter. media typically consists of a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate) filter or. activated charcoal or some other adsorbent. This particular study was. designed to evaluate the effectiveness
  • Medical Device Link .
    be a source. Barrier materials or absorbers specially designed to deal with a particular type and source of contaminant can be incorporated into packaging to overcome contamination problems. Available absorbers include activated carbon, special zeolites, and combination products called two-in-ones
  • Industrial Hygiene Report: Control of Diethyl Ether in the Workplace
    hydrocarbons (e.g., gasoline) and chlorinated hydrocarbons such as. methylene chloride and carbon tetrachloride. OSHA has established an exposure. limit of 400 ppm (8-hr. TWA). Ether should be handled with care to avoid skin. contact and inhalation of vapors. Purpose: The purpose of this experiment
  • Medical Device Link . Battery Scientists Seek Smaller, Lighter Cells Lithium chemistries have altered the industry, but safety is still a concern.
    polyethylene oxide. The sulfur electrolyte interacts with the lithium to prevent the spongy deposit. But Japanese researchers went even further, creating a lithium-ion battery using a carbon cathode. "When you recharge the battery," Visco explains, "the lithium just goes into this carbon sponge

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