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    Mining Services - (80 companies)
    Mining Services extract minerals, metals, gemstones and other material from the earth for industrial and commercial use. Learn More
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    Mining Shovels - (12 companies)
    Mining shovels are large excavation tools used in surface mining applications to strip overburden materials and load coal, mineral ores, sand, and other natural resources. Mining shovels, also called power shovels or front shovels, are used... Learn More
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    Mining Machines - (88 companies)
    Mining machines include tunnel boring machines (TBM) and boring rigs, roof bolting rigs, rock crushing vehicles, and other heavy equipment used for tunneling and mine excavation. This product area also includes drilling rigs, stripping shovels... Learn More
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    Roof Supports (mining) - (15 companies)
    ...thick to 7.5 meters thick. The bearing force or load support by the individual chock can range in excess of 1000 tons. Image credit: Joy... Learn More
  • Mining and Well Drilling Bits-Image
    Mining and Well Drilling Bits - (115 companies)
    Mining bits are tools for boring into rock and earth. They are used to drill blasting holes and penetrate both soft and hard rock materials. Products are also used in many other mining, quarrying, tunneling, construction, geological exploration... Learn More
  • Plug Valves - (455 companies)
    Quarter-turn plug valves use a cylindrical or tapered plug with a hole in the center to control straight through flow when in the open position. Plug valves, also called cock or stop-cock valves, date back to ancient times, where they were developed... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Data Mining Software - (38 companies)
    About Data Mining Software. Data mining software is used to sort large amounts of data and identify or mine relevant information. Applications use advanced search capabilities and statistical algorithms to identify patterns and correlations... Learn More
  • Plow Systems (mining) - (9 companies)
    Plow systems for longwall mining operations extract segments of coal across the face of a seam with equipped cutting picks or blades. Plow systems in mining operations extract segments of coal across the face of a coal seam during longwall mining... Learn More
  • Spark Plugs - (9 companies)
    Spark plugs are used in engine cylinders to ignite the fuel in an internal combustion engine while withstanding high pressures and temperatures. Spark plugs are the component of an internal combustion engine that provided the energy required... Learn More
  • Phone Jacks and Plugs - (214 companies)
    ...mounting mechanisms are used to fit panel cutouts. Dummy receptacles do not have provisions for attaching conductors and are generally used for the storage of a cable assembly connector plug. Performance specifications for phone jacks and plugs include... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Emotion Markup Language (EmotionML) 1.0
The language is conceived as a "plug-in" language suitable for use in three different areas: (1) manual annotation of data; (2) automatic recognition

VACET: Proposed SciDAC2 Visualization and Analytics Center for...
E-mail: [ahern,jsmeredith, K. Joy, B. Hamann University of California, Davis E-mail: [joy, Abstract.

Repair Catalog — Command...
Plug Joy X8347-2 Power Connectors:Plugs & Receptacles Plug Joy X8345-1 Power Connectors:Plugs & Receptacles
See Command Systems, Inc. Information

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for sharing with me the good and the bad, and filling my every day with joy and happiness; her sweetness, humor, and friendship sustain me.

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