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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
USB-485M Not Provided Communications / Serial / Serial Isolators & Converters 2-wire USB to RS-485 serial adapter, with universal female RJ45/RJ12 modular connector (accepts RJ12 and RJ45 plugs). Includes 2-meter (6.5 ft.) 6-conductor RJ12 crossover cable (for all GS drives), 2-meter (6.5 ft.) 2-wire RJ12 cable (for universal RS-485 use), mini-CD with Windows driver...
USB-RS232 Not Provided Communications / Serial / Telephone Modems 6 ft. USB to RS-232C serial adapter cable transparently connects serial devices to PC applications via a USB port. USB-A male connector to 9-pin D-shell male connector. If needed, drivers can be downloaded from (choose USB-RS232 adapter
USB1T1103MPX Perfect Parts Corporation FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR CORP Line Driver or Receiver LINE TRANSCEIVER, QCC14
USB BOX V2 Digi-Key ams Programmers, Development Systems DRIVER FOR VARIOUS DEMO BOARDS V
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  • USB Driver Customization
    The information in this document and the associated software download is intended for use by developers creating USB products based on the CP210x USB to UART Bridge Controller device family or the C8051F32x and C8051F34x USB Microcontroller device family. A Virtual COM Port Driver is available
  • Driver Installation and Hyperterminal Operation
    Insert the iLoad Digital USB Driver CD OR the LoadVUE or LoadVUE Lite CD into your computer's drive. If you have downloaded the driver files from our web site onto a location in your hard disk, substitute that location instead of the CD drive in the instructions below. Drivers for Windows XP
  • USB Tutorial
    first that you install a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 add-in card and you install a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 driver. Since Microsoft is only developing drivers for Windows XP and 2000 (and possibly ME), you will have to use a 3rd party vendor's drivers. In most cases, if you upgrade your PC with an add-in card
  • Interrupts and USB
    In most embedded computer systems, there is a need for interrupts to handle events that require prompt handling by the operating system or application program. Although USB supports interrupt transfers, it is significantly different from the interrupts implemented on other bus architectures
  • USB User Guide
    . Gone are the days of wasting hours on end trying to manually load software drivers to a new device up and running. USB devices are a breeze to set up thanks to Plug-and-Play technology. Plug-and-Play is a computer feature that allows the addition of a new device, normally a peripheral, without
  • USB Embedded Host Stack
    , such as Flash drives and mice, to special pur- drive. Client drivers provide application level support pose devices for specific applications, this popular for classes. Some USB peripheral devices are vendor- standard has almost totally replaced other serial specific and do not fall into one
  • Extending the Benefits of USB (.pdf)
    don’t even need to turn. off your computer. Because USB configuration happens automatical y, built-in USB means you don’t have to fiddle with drivers. and software when adding most peripherals. To ful y appreciate the value that USB extension technology brings to the market, you must first
  • USB FM Radio
    to poll for connected devices. USB Device Driver—Because Windows has built-in drivers for USB audio and HID class devices, the USB FM. Radio does not require an OEM supplied driver disk for operation. The player executable is the only required user. software. A similar approach is possible for other

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