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Instrument calibration service providers calibrate various instruments including many types of process monitoring devices and analytical equipment.


Serviced Instruments

Types of instruments that can be calibrated include:

  • Flow instrumentssuch as flow meters and sensors, gauges, totalizers or valve position indicators
  • Pressure and vacuum instruments such as pressure sensors or gauges, meters, transducers or vacuum pumps
  • Force, weight or mass instruments including strain gauges, load cells, scales or torque monitors
  • Temperature instruments including thermocouple, RTD or thermistor type devices
  • Humidity instruments including absolute or relative humidity, moisture content or dew point measuring devices
  • Multimeter or electrical meters, either analog or digital
  • Physical or dimensional instrumentssuch as calipers, and micrometers, fiber optic or lightwave instruments including multiplexers, analyzers, isolators etc
  • RF or microwave instruments such as transmitters, receivers, antennas etc.
  • Generators
  • Power supplies including any AC or DC power supply or conditioners
  • Oscilloscopes or chart recorders
  • Signal or function analyzers

Standards and Certifications

Providers of instrument calibration services may have one of several calibration quality requirements.  These include:

Services and Features

Specific services offered by providers of instrument calibration services include rapid turnaround, on-site calibration, pickup and delivery, calibration documentation, in-house contract lab services, and online documentation.

  • Rapid turnaround means the supplier offers quick turnaround on instrument calibration services, typically in a few days.
  • A supplier offering on-site calibration has personnel and/or equipment for on-site calibration work, eliminating the added expense of taking the instrument off line and shipping it. 
  • The supplier offers pick-up and delivery services to minimize cost and time associated with using in-house personnel. 
  • Documentation or test reports show calibration information such as "as found" and "as left" data, next scheduled calibration, etc with calibration documentation. 
  • A supplier that offers in-house contract lab services has capabilities and resources for setting up an in-house contract lab for supplier - minimizing any downtime or lag in getting instruments quickly calibrated. 
  • Supplier has online documentation system to access history, calibration certifications and recalibration notifications.

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