X-Definition™ XPR™ Plasma

Featured Product from Hypertherm, Inc.

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Hypertherm’s X-Definition XPR plasma boosts overall performance, productivity and profitability, offering unmatched process flexibility to cut, bevel and mark metal. X-Definition plasma is available in two models

XPR300 with a rated cut thickness of up to 1-3/4" on mild steel, and 1-1/2" for stainless and aluminum. Severance capacity up to 3-1/8" on mild steel, 3" on stainless and 2" on aluminum.

XPR170 with a rated cut thickness of up to 1-9/16" on mild steel, and 7/8" for stainless and 1" on aluminum. Severance capacity up to 2-3/8" on mild steel, and 1-1/2" for stainless and aluminum.

Why choose XPR?

  • X-Definition™ technology significantly enhances cut quality on mild steel and expands the application of Hypertherm’s pioneering HyDefinition® process to a broad range of non-ferrous applications.
  • New ease-of-use features and engineered system optimization make XPR easier to run with minimal operator intervention, while ensuring optimal performance and rock-solid reliability.
  • The XPR system’s advanced power supply technology, called Arc response technology™, provides highly responsive, rapid system feedback and automatically intervenes to eliminate events that negatively impact system efficiency and consumable life
  • The chopper module senses when a cut is about to end in an uncontrolled manner – without proper ramp down of current and gas flow. It automatically initiates a rapid ramp-down sequence protecting the electrode, dramatically extending consumable life – over 3 times that of competitor systems.