XPR300™ technology advancements

Featured Product from Hypertherm, Inc.

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Hypertherm engineers developed these seven technologies that, when combined, create X-Definition:

  • HyFlow vortex or vented nozzle technology
  • Vented Water Injection (VWI)
  • Vent-to-shield
  • Plasma dampening
  • Cool nozzle™
  • Advanced arc stability
  • Arc Response Technology™

In addition to automatic system monitoring, the XPR contains a number of other features to redefine ease-of-use. These features include a patent-pending QuickLock™ electrode in which the electrode is tightened and loosened in a ¼ turn, an EasyConnect™ tool-less connection to the TorchConnect™ console, and a torch design that enables one handed torch change-outs. Learn more.