DIPCut Impeller

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The only patented variable vane impeller that maximizes both pumping and shredding.

Shredding off Clogs. Historically, the only go-to solution to manage clogs caused by flushable and fibrous materials was to use “non-clog” pumps or “shredder” pumps. Independently both technologies work well, but forces Water Supervisors to make a tough choice – handle potential clogs at the lift station with a non-clog? Or manage at the plant with a shredder? Adding the DIPCut® impeller option to an OverWatch® system eliminates the need to make that difficult choice. The DIPCut® impeller offers Supervisors a patented technology enabling a single unit to function as both a non-clog and shredder pump. DIPCut’s variable vane, vortex impeller design features hinged vanes that fold flat exposing shredding blades when operated in reverse rotation. When an elevated torque level above the threshold value is detected, the smart, self-monitoring variable frequency drive reverses the direction of the impeller rotation, changing its function to shred and remove the clog without human intervention, all without losing its high hydraulic pumping efficiency.

Smart Sense Shredding. The OverWatch® Direct In-line pump only goes into clearing mode when it senses elevated torque. The elevated torque level is used as an indication of a clog forming and is field adjustable. The reverse rotation clearing mode is activated for 30 seconds, blades expose and shred the blockage. The pump then cycles back to pumping. If elevated torque is still present, the unit reverses again. For up to 10 minutes, the system will work on clearing the clog before setting a fault code with communication to the host network.

If it fits, it will pass. The unique design of the shared hydraulic pump body and vortex impellers keeps the pump protected from large particles and clogs. In a traditional submersible system, large solids may damage the exposed impeller when they come in contact. The OverWatch® system captures and stores these large solids in the stone trap/clean out. Passable solids size is based on model size; most systems are designed to a pass a minimum of a 3” solid.