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Pressure sensiitve adhesive

Featured Product from JBC Technologies, Inc.

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JBC Technologies converts a wide range of pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes  — from permanent attachment adhesive tapes to low-cost assembly aid PSAs, and even stick-to-skin medical-grade tapes.

Our adhesive tape options include cost-effective rubber-based PSAs that provide quick-stick capabilities, acrylic PSAs that tend to develop stronger bonds and provide heat and environmental resistances, and silicone PSAs designed for special adhesion to complex silicone materials

We've been using them in our custom die-cut solutions for decades, and our customers have come to count on us for our tape die cutting and application expertise.

We recommend adhesive tapes for all sorts of applications:

  • Bonding dissimilar materials
  • Assembly aides
  • Surface protection
  • Lamination of multiple materials
  • Adhering wearable medical devices to the skin
  • Buzz, squeak, and rattle mitigation
  • And more

You can learn more about pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes by visiting our dedicated website page: https://www.jbc-tech.com/die-cut-materials/pressure-sensitive-tapes-adhesives/

Or, if you just want a quick  primer, check out this Q&A session with one of our key adhesive suppliers: 

We recently sat down with one of the tape experts at Avery Dennison Performance Tapes, design and applications engineer Michael Price, to talk about pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes.

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