Zeta Potential / Charge Particle Analyzers

Electrokinetic Analyzer for Solid Surface Analysis -- SurPASS 3
from Anton Paar

Use the SurPASS ™ 3 electrokinetic analyzer in surface analysis to investigate the zeta potential of macroscopic solids based on a streaming potential and streaming current measurement. The zeta potential is related to the surface charge at a solid/liquid interface and is a powerful indicator... [See More]

  • Measurement Type: Zeta Potential
  • Sample Temperature: 50 to 104
  • Sample Type: Powder / Solid
  • Display & Special Features: Benchtop; PC Interface / Networkable; SPC
Particle Analysis at the Touch of a Button -- Litesizer™ 500
from Anton Paar

The Litesizer ™ 500 is an instrument for characterizing nano- and microparticles in dispersions and solutions. It determines particle size, zeta potential, and molecular mass by measuring dynamic light scattering (DLS), electrophoretic light scattering (ELS), and static light scattering (SLS). [See More]

  • Measurement Type: Zeta Potential
  • Display & Special Features: Benchtop; PC Interface / Networkable; SPC
  • Sample Temperature: 32 to 194
Zetasizer Nano Series -- Zetasizer Nano ZS
from Malvern Instruments, Inc.

Recommended computer specification: Pentium PC 2GHz, 128MByte RAM, 80MByte free hard disk space, 1024 x 768 screen resolution, CD-ROM drive, Windows XP Pro (Service pack 2 or higher) or VISTA Business or Ultimate. One free USB port. Note. A laptop computer with a USB port can be used with all... [See More]

  • Measurement Type: Size; Zeta Potential
  • Measuring Range: 6.00E-4 to 6
  • Sample Type: Emulsion
  • Technology: NIBS