Cast Iron Drum Pumps Datasheets

Drum Hand Pump -- DRM595
from New Pig Corporation

Ideal for use with even the thickest oils and lubricants. Dispenses 1 quart per revolution with a maximum viscosity of 90 wt. Drain tube pushes out of the way when pumping, then springs back to channel drips into drums. Can be calibrated to pump either quarts or liters. Padlockable to prevent... [See More]

  • Pump Housing Material: Cast Iron; Plastic; Steel
  • Power Source: Manual
  • Pump Type: Hand Foot Pump
  • Media: Combustable, Oil
Vertical Pump -- Group E - Range BE
from SEEPEX Inc.

SEEPEX semi-submersible pumps drain full containers, basins and barrels. They convey abrasive or corrosive conveying products with low to high viscosity. Individually sized and designed for the application, they are easy to maintain and have low operating costs. Overall, our semi-submersible pumps... [See More]

  • Pump Housing Material: Cast Iron (optional feature); Plastic (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature); HDPE
  • Discharge Size: 8.000
  • Liquid Flow: 1300.0
  • Pump Type: Positive Displacement Pump
from Dawg, Inc.

Increase your productivity. These pumps are designed primarily for the transfer of fuel oil products. These pumps can only be used for chemicals that are compatible with cast iron, steel, neoprene and phenolic Iron drum pumps have wetted parts fabricated from cast iron, steel and phenolic. Rotary... [See More]

  • Pump Housing Material: Cast Iron
Rotary Hand Pump -- RP-5
from Great Plains Industries, Inc.

Use with light or medium weight oils, diesel fuel, and kerosene [See More]

  • Pump Housing Material: Cast Iron
  • Discharge Size: 0.750
  • Liquid Flow: 8.0
  • Pump Type: Hand Foot Pump; Positive Displacement Pump
Drum Pump Air Motor -- 16440-0000
from Xylem Applied Water Systems

Designed to fit Xylem Jabsco drum pump tubes. Do not use where flammable vapors are present. Always use a safety ground strap. [See More]

  • Pump Housing Material: Cast Iron
  • Media: Liquids
  • Liquid Flow: 24.0
  • Market Segment: Chemical