FM Approval Intrinsic Safety Barriers Datasheets

Dual Channel Zener Barrier -- Model SBG54803
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

For most non-voltage producing devices located in a hazardous area, a single zener barrier that is negative-earth-grounded can be used for intrinsic safety. Instrumentation that produces an output (signal conditioners) usually requires two barriers, one for each "floating" lead. Here, a dual-channel... [See More]

  • Barrier Type: Zener Barrier
  • Application: 4-20 mA 2-wire Transmitters; Switches; Solenoid / Audible Alarms
  • Mounting Options: Din Rail Mounted (optional feature); SurfaceMount (optional feature)
  • AC or DC: DC
HART® Transparent Driver -- 9107B
from PR electronics

Application. 9107B is a 1- or 2-channel isolated 1:1 driver barrier for intrinsic safety applications. Operation and drive control of I/P converters, valves and indicators mounted in the hazardous area. Operation of HART ® devices is possible as the unit transmits HART ® communication... [See More]

  • Barrier Type: Galvanic Isolator
  • VOC: 32
  • Mounting Options: Din Rail Mounted
  • ISC: 1000