Strain Gages Intrinsic Safety Barriers Datasheets

Dual Channel Zener Barriers -- 65800 Series
from Gems Sensors & Controls

The exceptionally compact design of Gems ™ 65800 Series units saves space and simplifies installation; especially in multiples on a common mounting plate. They provide great economy as well since no explosion-proof enclosures are needed for sensor wiring. Encapsulated construction is... [See More]

  • Application: 4-20 mA 2-wire Transmitters; Switches; RTDs; Thermocouples; Strain Gages; Load Cells; Flow Meters; Level Sensors, Pressure Switches
  • Mounting Options: Earth-Grounded Rail Mount
  • Barrier Type: Zener Barrier
  • AC or DC: DC
Intrinsically Safe Barrier -- ExMGZ100/200.ATEX
from FMS USA, Inc.

The ExMGZ100/200.ATEX intrinsically safe barrier is used for applications in intrinsically safe or explosion-proof environments. It is designed for single or double channel tension measurement and is placed between amplifier respectively controller and force sensor. Features. Advantages. ATEX... [See More]

  • Application: Strain Gages; Amplifier to Controller
  • Mounting Options: Din Rail Mounted
  • Barrier Type: Zener Barrier
  • AC or DC: DC